Apex Legends quality designer says the game really needs to add a ‘loudly, proudly trans’ character

Bloodhound Apex Legends

Respawn should add a transgender character to its hit battle royale Apex Legends and make them ‘front and center’ in the game, says one of their staff members.

As reported by Gayming Magazine, the developer is looking to increase transgender representation in the title, according to associate quality designer Mackenzie Galbraith.

“Trans and non-binary representation is a topic that is really important to me,” they said. “While I’m really glad we have Bloodhound as non-binary representation, one character cannot encompass the wide array of experiences from across all trans people.”

They continued: “I’d like to see more trans and non-binary Legends, especially some who don’t have masks to hide their face or obscure their voice. Having a character being loudly, proudly trans, and having their face front and center of the Apex launch screen – that’s something I hope to see someday.”

Bloodhound is a non-binary player character and voiced by Allegra Clark (Genshin Impact and Fire Emblem: Three Houses among other games). However, an effect is used on her voice as the character speaks through a mask.

Apex Legends, the free-to-play shooter, has doubled down on representation with its queer cast.

While Bloodhound is non-binary, Fuse is pansexual, Loba is bisexual and Gibraltar is gay. Unlike Blizzard’s Overwatch, these characters are all canonically queer with comics and voicelines to support.

In addition there’s Mirage who’s thought to be questioning his sexuality thanks to the Season 6 comic, though it’s not confirmed in-game.

Most recently, new legend Valkyrie was confirmed as lesbian by the character’s voice actor. 

Erika Ishii was interviewed by streamer MoonLiteWolf, along with writer Tom Casielo, about development of the character.

“None of it was tokenism, she’s her own thing,” said Ishii about Valkyrie. “She’s one of the most real characters I’ve ever had the honour of portraying.”

For Pride Month, Respawn added rainbow badges to Apex Legends to “support players of all sexualities and gender identities”.

The news was shared on their Twitter page, along with interviews with their LGBT+ employees.

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