Tom Daley gave husband and son the most adorable surprise before Olympic gold medal victory

Tom Daley holding his Olympic gold medal / his son watching a video on a laptop of him

Newly-crowned Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley left his husband and son a beautiful video message before he left for the Tokyo games, and it’s the most adorable thing ever.

Dustin Lance Black, who has been married to the diver since 2018, posted a heartwarming video featuring the couple’s young son Robbie.

In the video, Black showed off a tiny, white box that said it contained a “message from Tom”. Black explained to Robbie that “papa” left them a present before he left for the Olympics.

Black and Daley’s son proceeded to open the box, revealing a USB inscribed with the British Swimming logo. Robbie, being the brilliant bean he is, immediately popped the device into a laptop and brought up a video of his proud parent.

In the video, Tom Daley described how grateful he is for his family’s support, which he said has gotten him through the trials of his sporting career.

Tom Daley asks son to ‘cheer so loud I can hear you’

In the video, Tom Daley told his son and husband: “As you know, the support from you guys has been what has been able to get me through some of my crazy days – some of my easy days, the highs and lows and everything in between.”

He continued: “And I think the journey from Rio – where I was at my lowest point in my sporting career – to now coming into this Olympics in completely different mind spaces.

“I’m excited and the fact that you guys make me feel loved regardless of how I’m going to do makes things a lot easier.

“Takes a lot of pressure off of me. Thank you for that, and I miss you guys a lot.”

Daley then gave a special message to his son, who had been watching the video dressed in a darling rainbow outfit.

“Robbie, make sure you wear your nice t-shirt when you’re supporting papa,” Daley instructed. “Make sure you cheer really loud so I can hear you. I love you.”

Tom Daley, Dustin Lance Black and son Robbie

Dustin Lance Black shares a two-year-old son with husband Tom Daley. (Instagram/Dustin Lance Black)

He then blew a kiss to his family which Robbie returned to the screen in response.

Daley and his partner Matty Lee took home a gold medal Monday (26 July) in the men’s synchronised 10 metres platform dive. Tokyo 2020 is Daley’s fourth time competing in the Olympics, and he wept with joy on the podium when he was awarded his first-ever gold medal.