Russell Tovey ‘absolutely’ wants to be a daddy

British actor Russell Tovey poses during a photo session

Russell Tovey has said he “absolutely” wants to start a family with his boyfriend Steve Brockman.

The British actor, 39, told The Guardian how his life has changed dramatically in the last year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

But one thing that remains constant is his desire to have a baby. Having said in 2019 that he planned to “put the feelers out on how we’re going to make this work”, Tovey told the paper: “It’s absolutely there in my life, in the future.”

“Surrogacy, adoption, all those things are up for grabs,” Tovey explained, “and, you know, conversations with friends.

“I think I had this thing in my head, ‘I’ve got to be a dad by the time I’m 40’.

“But, probably because I’m about to be 40 I’m letting myself off the hook with that one.”

Tovey and boyfriend Steve Brockman, a rugby coach, have been dating since 2016, briefly breaking up in 2018 for a year.

At the time, the Being Human star said that if he was still single in three years time, he would have a baby through a surrogate and raise them as a single dad.

Russell Tovey (R) and Steve Brockman. (Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

In 2018, when he was 36, Tovey reflected on his life-long dreams of fatherhood as he told Gay Times: “I want someone to call me daddy.”

We’re sure he can just hop on Grindr if he wants to be called that, to be honest.

“Having kids is something that is becoming fundamentally important to me,” he continued. “I remember being at school, junior school, and already wanting to be a dad.”

Elsewhere in his interview with The Guardian, Tovey reflected on how his entire generation “have Section 28 in their blood”, referring to the reviled legislation which barred schools from “promoting homosexuality”.