Nicki Minaj calls Piers Morgan an ‘ugly clown’ and a ‘stupid piece of s**t’ amid anti-vax row

Headshots of Nicki Minaj and Piers Morgan

Nicki Minaj has hit out against “clown nose” Piers Morgan as the journalist criticised her Twitter vaccine rant.

The 38-year-old rapper has been casually sparring with Britain’s prime minister, chief medical officer and top political journalists after her claim that her cousin’s friend was left impotent and with swollen testicles following a COVID vaccination.

After chief medical officer Chris Whitty said the claim was “ridiculous” and “untrue”, and that Minaj should be ashamed of herself, Piers Morgan quickly joined in with the row.

He dubbed Minaj “one of the rudest little madams” he’s ever met in showbusiness.

Morgan tweeted Tuesday afternoon (14 September): “Professor Whitty beefing with the ghastly Nicki Minaj (one of the rudest little madams I’ve ever met) is not the breaking news that I expected today – but it’s welcome.

“She’s peddling lies that will cost lives.”

Minaj was quick to hit back at the presenter, saying he has a “clown nose” and alleging that they’ve never even met.

“Sir, I’ve never met you,” she tweeted. “I know… we all look alike. ‘Rudest little madam’. I like it. Has a special ring to it.

“Thanks, Pierce [sp]. Love the accent. I’d love to come chat. Scones. Tea. Clown nose and big red shoes for you. [Let me know], babe.”

Minaj has also since updated her Twitter bio to: “Rudest little madam.”

The former Good Morning Britain show host insisted that he and Minaj have, in fact, met on America’s Got Talent in 2011. “You refused to say hello to my three young sons because you were ‘too busy’,” he responded.

“Stop fkng lying,” Minaj said, between also calling Morgan “ugly“.

“I never turn down pics with kids. If a middle person told you that, they were out of line. Don’t blame me, you stupid piece of s**t.”

Even when followers shared literal footage of her AGT performance, Minaj jokingly replied: “That’s not me.”

OK, wait, why is Nicki Minaj rowing with British officials?

The many, many feuds all kicked off after Nicki Minaj said that she wasn’t attending the Met Gala because of its COVID-19 vaccine requirement.

She explained that she will only get the vaccine once she has done her “own research”, before sharing the anecdote about her cousin’s friend’s testicles.

Downing Street was dragged into the aggressively 2021 saga when a journalist asked Boris Johnson and Whitty about Minaj’s tweet. Whitty said the singer should be “ashamed” of herself for “peddling untruths” on social media.

“There are a number of myths that fly around,” he said at a press conference, “some of which are just clearly ridiculous and some of which are clearly designed to scare.

“This happens to be one of them. This is untrue.”

Johnson, meanwhile, said he was “not as familar with the work of Nicki Minaj as I probably should be” but said he knew the achievements of GP Nikki Kanani of Bexley well.

“She will tell you that vaccines are wonderful and everybody should get them,” he said. “So I prefer to listen to Nikki Kannani.”

Minaj, of course, responded in her iconic faux-British accent and offered to send him a “portfolio” of her work.

“Yes, hello prime minister, Boris, it’s Nicki Minaj,” she said in the voice note. “I was just calling to tell you that you were so amazing on the news this morning. And I’m actually British. I was born there. I went to university there. I went to Oxford.

“I went to school with Margaret Thatcher. And she told me so many nice things about you. I’d love to send you my portfolio of my work, since you don’t know much about me, I’m a big, big star in the United States.”

She added in a tweet: “Send this to the prime minister and let him know they lied on me. I forgive him. No one else. Only him.”

And this, folks, is the reality we have all landed into this morning.