High camp goddess Jennifer Coolidge explains why the gays are obsessed with her

Jennifer Coolidge is seen dressed in a black dress as she attends the Emmy Awards in September 2021

Jennifer Coolidge has opened up about her love for the LGBT+ community and why the gays are “obsessed” with her.

The legendary actor quickly became a beloved icon within the queer community after starring in several camp films including the Legally Blonde franchise, A Cinderella Story and Best in Show. Recently, she spoke to the AV Club about her role as the wonderfully wacky aunt Sandy in the new gay Netflix holiday romcom Single All the Way.

In the movie, Coolidge’s character (correctly) declared that the gays are “all obsessed with me” – which is honestly accurate given the stellar reviews Coolidge’s performance in the movie has gotten from fans.

Coolidge admitted in her interview with the AV Club that obsession and love have always been a “mutual thing” that she was “never conscious of” because it was “just the people I was attracted to”.

“It just started from a very young age,” Coolidge explained. “I don’t think when you’re young, you’re very conscious of any decision you make.”

She continued: “You go with what you’re attracted to.

“I think that’s really what most of our youth is, and that’s just what I was attracted to in all my friends.”

Jennifer Coolidge appears in a fairy costume during a holiday play in the Netflix gay romcom Single All the Way

Jennifer Coolidge plays aunt Sandy in Netflix’s first gay festive romcom ‘Single All the Way’. (YouTube/Netflix)

Coolidge explained that many of her friends, who hadn’t “figured it out at the time” when they were young, were part of the LGBT+ community. She added that she developed a following with “all the gay men and all the gay women in my town, at my school or at camp”.

Kathy Najimy, Coolidge’s Single All the Way co-star and a queer icon in her own right, added that the “gays have good taste” in the interview.

“They really do,” Coolidge agreed.

In a separate interview with too fab, Najimy – who starred in cult classics Hocus Pocus, Sister Act and Veronica’s Closet – added she has been an LGBT+ ally and activist since she was a teenager.

“I think I forced my way into the gay community, demanding that they like me,” Najimy joked. “But I think both Jennifer and I in a slight way represent the outside circles… Equality is very important to me.”

Single All the Way follows two best friends – Peter (Michael Urie) and Nick (Philemon Chambers) – who pretend they’re in a relationship while visiting family for the holidays. The film is now available on Netflix.