Comedian Lauren Ashley Smith ‘catcalled’ by ‘woke harasser’ trying to prove he wasn’t homophobic

Comedian Lauren Ashley Smith on the red carpet

Lauren Ashley Smith recalled the surprising interaction she had with a catcaller who has no issue harassing women – but he tries to draw the line at homophobia.

The A Black Lady Sketch Show star went viral on Twitter after she shared information about the creepy incident she experienced with her wife on Monday (20 November).

The queer comic wrote: “Earlier this AM, my wife and I were walking our dog and got catcalled. The man said, ‘Don’t you ladies walk by looking like that!’

“Then he realised we were holding hands and clarified with, ‘Y’all can hold hands! Just don’t look that good!’ He didn’t wanna seem homophobic. I’m [dead]”.

Naturally, her followers couldn’t help but laugh at the mystery man’s bizarre attempt to appear respectful while still harassing the two women.

One Twitter user replied: “Not a woke harasser omg.”

Another commented: “People are now trying to be respectfully disrespectful?”

A third recalled a similar experience as they wrote: “One time a guy chatted me up in line at the gas station and said ‘hey, you got a boyfriend? Or girlfriend?!’ They’re growing.”

“He said imma make y’all uncomfortable but hate is where I draw the line Queenzzz,” one fan joked.

Another stated: “He failed, then passed, and then failed the vibe check all in three sentences. Am I impressed or horrified? Yes.”

Lauren Ashley Smith, who worked as the head writer and executive producer of the Emmy nominated-series A Black Lady Sketch Show, married her wife Brooke Helburn in 2015.

The couple’s experience comes amid continued conversations about the experience of lesbians and how their sex lives are fetishised by the straight male gaze.

Indeed, lesbians have recently been physically assaulted for failing to “perform” in front of heterosexual men as they continue to face the double whammy of prejudice against their sex and their sexual preferences.