Right-wing pundit gloats as Amazon lists hateful, transphobic book as ‘LGBT+ best seller’

Matt Walsh poses with his anti-trans children's book titled Johnny the Walrus.

Amazon has listed a hateful, transphobic children’s book by The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh as its number one best-selling “LGBT+ book”.

Walsh, a right-wing writer who has compared gender affirming healthcare to experimentation, molestation, abuse and rape, recently announced that he has written a horrific anti-trans children’s book – Johnny the Walrus – set to be published in March.

The book began taking pre-orders this month on Amazon, which inexplicably classed it as an “LGBT+ book”.

In a review, the right-wing publication The Blaze said: “Matt Walsh’s work is an effort to push back against radical gender ideology which defies biological reality.”

But if anything says “ideology”, surely it’s a book that tells children that expressing their gender means being forced to eat worms and having their feet cut off.

Johnny the Walrus, supposedly aimed at three to five-year-olds, tells the story of a little boy who pretends to be a walrus, “but Johnny’s mum’s phone says it’s not just pretend, only a bigot would say that, how dare you offend!”

Johnny’s mother is “pressured” by the internet to tell her child that he is a walrus, and protesters are shown with signs claiming “human walruses are real walruses”.

The most twisted attack on trans kids is when Johnny’s mum takes him to the doctor, who tells him he must only eat worms, constantly wear “itchy” grey makeup and have his feet “cut” into fins.

At the time of writing, despite its explicitly anti-LGBT+ content, the book remains Amazon’s “number one bestseller in LGBT+ books”.

Matt Walsh gloated on Twitter: “I now have the number one LGBT book in the country. Any further criticism of me or my book is now homophobic. Checkmate.”

Amazon has a history of platforming hateful anti-LGBT+ books, and earlier this year refused to stop selling the book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, written by the anti-trans journalist Abigail Shrier.

Despite an internal complaint filed by dozens of the company’s LGBT+ staff, as well as staff quitting over the issue, Amazon insisted it did not violate its policy.

The damaging book describes trans identity as “a peer contagion among teen girls”, perpetuating the idea that being transgender is inherently harmful to youth and something to be “cured”.

Amazon’s own policy prohibits selling books “that frame LGBTQ+ identity as a mental illness”.

PinkNews has contacted Amazon for comment.