Gay wrestler Anthony Bowens brushes off homophobia with class as bigot yells abuse during match

Anthony Bowens yells before entering the wrestling ring

All Elite Wrestling star Anthony Bowens has hit back on Twitter after a fan was heard shouting a homophobic slur at him during a match.

The fan was heard on AEW Dynamite shouting “f**king f*g” at Bowens, who is gay, as he competed in an eight-man tag match alongside his Acclaimed teammate Max Caster.

“Stuff like this unfortunately still exists. Not phased, I’ll just keep fighting against stuff like this ‘till the day I die,” Bowens declared on Twitter.

The 30-year-old wrestler went viral this week after sharing a defiant picture of him kissing his boyfriend, YouTube star Michael Pavano, in front of a crowd of Christian homophobes.

He added: “This is why I posted that photo the other day.”

AEW fans quickly rallied around Anthony Bowens after the homophobic abuse, with one saying: “I hope someone finds the person that said it and bans them for life.”

Another added on Twitter: “We must all keep fighting against bigotry and hatred. You are a great role model.”

Anthony Bowens made his professional wrestling debut in 2013 after playing baseball in college. He was signed to a five year contract with All Elite Wrestling in 2020.

He came out as bisexual in 2017 before later coming out as gay in 2019, and has been a steadfast campaigner for LGBT+ visibility in sports ever since.

He told Sports Illustrated in 2019: “I’m representing the LGBT+ community and athletes that are LGBT+, but even more than that, too. I’m representing the small-town kid who was told he’d never make it, and I’m here for the shy kid that is ready to burst out of his shell and be that social butterfly.

“To know that I’m having a positive impact on people is a blessing, and makes me feel that I made the right decision to come out.

“I want to continue having really entertaining matches, and increase LGBT+ visibility in entertainment.”