Uncle Murda says Lil Nas X will ‘catch AIDS and die’ in disgusting new song Rap Up 2021

side by side pictures of Lil Nas X and Uncle Murda

Rapper Uncle Murda disgustingly predicted that beloved gay icon Lil Nas X will “catch AIDS and die” in new song “Rap Up 2021”.

The Brooklyn rapper released the 14-minute song that attacks celebrities, rappers and public figures on Saturday (1 January). Murda opened the song by stating he would be talking “reckless respectfully” before launching his attack against Nas and the LGBT+ community.

“Lil Nas X gon’ catch AIDS and die like Eazy-E,” Murda rapped. “Hope the LGBTQ don’t cancel me/Like they tried to stop DaBaby from getting paid when he was talking about how they be giving each other AIDS.”

Eazy-E – who co-founded NWA alongside Dr Dre and Ice Cube – died in 1995 shortly after he was suddenly hospitalised and was diagnosed with AIDS.

Murda also referenced embattled rapper DaBaby, who faced immense backlash following his derogatory anti-LGBT+ and anti-HIV comments at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami.

He was subsequently dropped from a string of festivals including Parklife, Lollapalooza, Day N Vegas and the 2021 Governor’s Ball. DaBaby has made a number of limp apologies for his remarks and even met with several AIDS organisations in the wake of the backlash.

Lil Nas X offered his insights on the ongoing controversy around DaBaby in an interview with GQ in November. Nas shared that he felt “bad for DaBaby” and hoped he “grows” after his homophobia row.

Beyond Lil Nas X and DaBaby, Uncle Murda also referenced the backlash over Dave Chappelle’s comedy special The Closer, in which the comedian proudly labels himself “team TERF” and makes several anti-trans jokes.

Murda rapped that the LBGT+ community “hated on” Chappelle but ultimately “couldn’t stop him” because “Netflix was like ‘If you don’t like it, don’t watch ‘em’”.

Chappelle’s special drew widespread outrage and condemnation. However, Netflix has refused to cut ties with Chappelle, to censor anti-trans jokes in The Closer or label them as hate speech.

In October, Netflix staff, members of the trans community and allies staged a protest against The Closer outside the streamer’s offices in Los Angeles.

The demonstration was supported by celebrities such as Elliot Page, Jonathan Van Ness, Angelica Ross, Dan Levy and Wanda Sykes.