Steps’ Ian ‘H’ Watkins classily hits back at ‘homophobes’ attacking him for being a gay dad

Steps star Ian 'H' Watkins with his twin sons in 2016

Steps star Ian ‘H’ Watkins has hit back at ‘homophobic’ abuse he received online for raising children as a gay man.

The pop star, who shares twin sons with his former partner Craig Ryder, opened up to Instagram followers about the hate he receives on social media as he posted a hateful comment for the world to see.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday (6 March), he shared a direct message which read: “Your poor babies having two dad’s its disgusting (sic).”

H hit back as he wrote: “THIS is the kind of bigotry (& illiteracy) that still exists today. I get these messages on a daily basis on social media.

“Times have changed but we have a long way to go educate homophobes like Kerrie. Kerrie, if you could only see the life and love my children have. Maybe you never had that, which explains a lot.”

The “Deeper Shade of Blue” hitmaker took the high road, saying those sharing such views could make the change within themselves.

“I’m genuinely sending you love and urging to you educate yourself and do better,” he wrote, adding the hashtags: “#Homophobia #bigot #lgbt #equality #dobetter #educateKerrie.”

Fellow celebrities were quick to send messages of support. Carol Vorderman commented: “I’ve always said H… always… that you’d win Father of the Year ….utterly devoted to your boys and your life revolves around them.

“I don’t actually know where you get your energy from tbh.”

His Steps bandmate Faye Tozer also defended him and wrote: “Love is everything.”

Former chat show host Trisha Goddard posted: “Kerrie is clearly un-educated…In more ways than one! Big hugs to you and your babies!”

“Darling you are an INCREDIBLE Father & person!!!”, former Big Brother winner Brian Dowling added.

Ian ‘H’ Watkins and his former partner welcomed twin boys, Macsen and Cybi, in 2016 – before they then split up a year later.

The twins were born in California through a San Francisco-based surrogate after an earlier attempt ended in a miscarriage.

The Steps star previously revealed that he looked into adopting children but claimed the process was “homophobic”.