Charli XCX screams ‘trans rights’ by signing fan’s oestrogen: ‘It was very cute’

Charli XCX and fan Tabby Lamb pose with signed items including a vinyl copy of Charli's album CRASH and a packet of Lamb's oestrogen

Charli XCX has continued her streak of signing the most iconic queer items by proudly signing a fan’s oestrogen. 

The British pop singer has truly given the gays all they could ever want by not only producing hit after hit, but cultivating a unique relationship with her dedicated fanbase. And honestly, what could be more iconic than Charli shouting “gay rights” while holding a bottle of poppers and signing a fan’s douche, much to the surprise slash horror of the internet. 

But truly, Charli XCX has outdone herself after she signed a happy fan’s packet of oestrogen at a meet and greet. 

Tabby Lamb posted a picture on Twitter of them holding up the signed medication as well as a signed vinyl version of Charli’s new album CRASH with the pop star cheekily holding up a peace sign in the background. 

“Charli XCX really said ‘trans rights’ when she signed my oestrogen,” Lamb wrote. 

Lamb gushed to PinkNews about the iconic moment which happened after she managed to get a “very last minute” ticket to Charli’s signing session on Friday (18 March). She described how there was a “really sweet vibe” in the queue to the event, and people were chatting about their favourite Charli songs or if they could help take pictures for others. 

They thought it was a “funny” idea to bring their oestrogen to the event because “it’s become a bit of a meme” to see the “ridiculous things” Charli signs for fans. 

“Some of them you’re like ‘oh no, that’s a bit weird’ like the douche – was that clean? Please tell me that has not been used,” Lamb said. “I was like, ‘What’s a funny thing I can bring along that isn’t offensive but has a bit of a message?’”

As a trans person, she thought it would be a great idea for Charli to sign her oestrogen as the pop star has been a “very vocal ally”, and the singer’s new album is dedicated to the late trans musician SOPHIE.

Lamb added they wanted it to be a “cute funny thing” that she could “get signed in a second” so they wouldn’t “take up everyone else’s time in the queue”. But they also wanted a “funny photo” to send to their mates. 

“She signed my LP, and we chatted for a bit – she complimented my outfit,” Lamb recalled. “Then I got it [her oestrogen] out of my handbag and was like, ‘I just feel like I’ve got to compete with all the gay boys here. Would you mind signing my ​​oestrogen?’”

Lamb said Charli XCX happily signed the gender-affirming medication and wished the fan a “lovely day”. 

“It was very cute,” Lamb added. 

Lamb added that their “favourite moment” – before meeting Charli XCX, of course – was when an “little old lady” came up to the queue and asked what everyone was waiting for. Someone in the crowd answered that they were waiting to go see Charli, and the woman asked who the iconic singer was.

Without missing a beat, Lamb answered “a popstar gays like”, and “three people turned around” to say it was a “good description”. Because it totally is, let’s be real. 

Lamb told PinkNews that she loved Charli because she is “just camp” and “doesn’t take herself seriously”. She added that the “Boom Clap” singer shows her love for pop music with every song and doesn’t “pretend that she’s too cool” for it.

“She doesn’t pretend like she has these other aspirations,” they said. “It’s like ‘no, I’m going to make a f**king great pop album because I’m a f**king great pop star’, and I think she always serves.”

Charli XCX poses on stage during the Leeds Festival in 2019

Charli XCX performs on stage during Leeds Festival at Bramham Park on 24 August 2019 in Leeds, England. (Katja Ogrin/Redferns)

Charli XCX opened up about how SOPHIE influenced her life and career in an emotional interview with Apple Music celebrating the release of her fifth studio album. 

The British singer said SOPHIE “changed my life” and ultimately “changed all of our lives” because she was “so incredible”. 

“She changed all of our lives – not just because of her music, which obviously is so incredible – but because of the person that she was as a person,” Charli said. “She championed us. She has this incredible energy.”

Charli XCX added that SOPHIE pushed her to “not record with autotune” because she believed Charli had a great voice. She said that SOPHIE believed “people are stars” and wouldn’t let “you do yourself an injustice by not going for it”. 

A tearful Charli ended her tribute to the trailblazing trans icon by saying that she has “never met anyone” like SOPHIE and doubted she “ever will”.