Australian PM Scott Morrison backs calls to ban trans women from sport ahead of election

Australian PM Scott Morrison backs calls to ban trans women from sport ahead of election

Australian prime minister Scott Morrison has backed two politicians calling to ban trans women from sport ahead of the country’s general election in May.

A proposed bill has been led by Liberal backbencher Claire Chandler and supported by Liberal candidate Katherine Deves, which will allow sporting groups and clubs to exclude trans women from single-sex sports.

According to ABC Australia, Morrison did not say when asked in a press conference on Monday (11 April) if he would move to ban trans women from female sports if the government was re-elected. However, he said he “shares” Chandler and Deves’ views on the issue.

“I share their views. We will have more to say about that at another time,” Morrison told reporters.

“I welcome Katherine’s selection, pleased to play a role in that, I think she’s raised very important issues.

“I think Claire Chandler has also been outspoken and brave on these issues.”

Morrison previously called the bill, which would amend the Sex Discrimination Act to “clarify” that limiting sports on the basis of “biological sex” is legal and not discriminatory, “terrific”.

“I support it, as Claire knows,” the The Sydney Morning Herald reported him as saying. “I think it’s a terrific bill and I’ve given her great encouragement.

“Claire is a champion for women’s sport and I think she’s been right to raise these issues in the way that she has. Well done, Claire.”

Anna Brown, CEO of Equality Australia, said in a February statement: “Sport should be for everyone – it builds community and supports individual and collective health and self-esteem.

“Senator Chandler’s bill is not just unnecessary, it’s cruel and divisive.

“In offering his public support for this bill, the prime minister is once again making the lives of trans and gender diverse kids the subject of political and media debate.”

Scott Morrison’s support of the anti-trans bill comes as he has called a federal election for 21 May, with polls suggesting there will be a change of government in favour of Anthony Albanese of the Labor Party.

Morrison said on Sunday (10 April) after announcing the election date: “It’s a choice between a strong future and an uncertain one. It’s a choice between a government you know and a Labor opposition that you don’t.”