Killing Eve fans left furious and devastated by ‘heartless’ finale twist: ‘Worst ending ever’

Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh in the Killing Eve finale

Killing Eve came to a dramatic end on Sunday night (10 April) and fans were left less than impressed with the way Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and Eve’s (Sandra Oh) story concluded.

Warning – spoilers!

After four intense seasons, the BBC drama saw the characters finally sharing a passionate kiss and embracing their feelings for one another before they continued their mission to take down The Twelve.

They managed to track them down at a secret meeting being held during a wedding on a riverboat and Villanelle did what she does best as she slaughtered The Twelve’s leaders in style.

As Eve and Villanelle celebrated their victory on the boat’s deck, sniper bullets pierced Villanelle’s flesh and she fell into the water. Though Eve jumped in to save her, Villanelle’s lifeless body was pulled away by the current.

Viewers then saw Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) had ordered the hit, presumably in a bid to find favour with MI6 once again. Eve made her way back to the surface and let out a scream of agony before big red letters appeared on screen to announce: “The End.”

The abrupt nature of the ending certainly sparked a passionate reaction from fans, especially those who had hoped they might see the same happy ending featured in Luke Jennings’ Villanelle novel series – in which Eve and Oxana get to enjoy life together.

One frustrated viewer tweeted: “The award for the least thought through and the worst executed series finale in the 2020s goes to Laura Neal and the crew of Killing Eve.”

Another wrote: “Thoughts about the Killing Eve finale: the most heartless finale ever. Villanelle’s death was a disrespect to the creator of the character and to the fans. How cruel do you have to be to give this queer character hope only to end it all in the most unnecessary death scene?”

“Thank you Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer for bring these incredible women to life, and thank you for the spectacular chemistry on screen. It’s hard to accept that a show like Killing Eve ends like it ended,” one fan stated. “KILLING EVE DESERVED BETTER.”

One disappointed fan tweeted: “Ending of Killing Eve one of the most unsatisfying ending of TV shows ever.”

Another agreed as they stated: “Killing Eve has overthrown Game of Thrones for having the worst ending of any show ever made in the history of television.”

Some fans were particularly hurt to see yet another queer character die on-screen as one wrote: “When a very gay show builds you up for four seasons and then in the last minute stabs you in your little gay heart for no conceivable reason other than shock value.”

“Just gotta say, the argument isn’t that it’s ‘never’ ok to kill a queer character,” another commented.

“What’s played out and tired as hell is withholding love from two queer women, then letting them experience it for all of five seconds before immediately killing one. TIIIIRED.”

One fan mused: “What hurts the most about the Killing Eve finale is seeing how happy Villanelle and Eve were to finally be together. They were giggling into each other’s lips and holding hands like a pair of lovesick teenagers. Watching them together like that – it felt like they’d both found home.”

The spy drama became a smash hit when it premiered in 2018 with the cast and crew going on to win a slew of awards across the globe.