Netflix drops blood-thirsty trailer for lesbian teen vampire drama First Kill

A still image of actors from the Netflix series First Kill in which a teen vampire is in bed embracing her lover who is a monster hunter

Netflix has dropped the first trailer for its sapphic vampire series First Kill, and it looks like a bloody brilliant romance.

The new series – which drops on 10 June, just in time for a Pride Month binge watch – is truly a sucker punch to the feels, with a queer romance that develops against a backdrop of action and fantasy.

First Kill follows teen vampire Julliette (Sarah Catherine Hook) as she hunts her first victim, so that she can take her place in her powerful, supernatural family. The awkward teen admits in the trailer that she feels like she doesn’t “fit in”, and she grapples with her changing body which is developing fangs as well as a desire for blood.

She eventually sets her sights on Calliope (Imani Lewis), the gorgeous new girl in town.

But to Julliette’s surprise, Calliope is actually the latest in a long line of celebrated vampire hunters, and she’s also been tasked with making her first kill as well.

She describes her family as some of the “best monster hunters to ever walk the earth”. But when she meets Juliette, she tells her “You’re nothing like the monsters I grew up hating.”

The pair develop feelings for each other, trading longing looks and passionate kisses as they sneak out to be together. Their parents forbid them from being together which forces the teens to decide what kind of lives they want.

First Kill gives Romeo and JulietTwilight and Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibes with a good dose of queer teen drama thrown in the mix.

The rest of the cast is filled out by Elizabeth Mitchell, Jonas Dylan Allen, Gracie Dzienny, Will Swenson, Jason R. Moore, Dylan McNamara, Dominic Goodman and Phillip Mullings Jr.

The series is based on a 2020 short story of the same name by celebrated YA author V. E. Schwab, who is also an executive producer for the Netflix show.

First Kill follows Netflix’s amazing success with Heartstopper, which has been heralded as one of the most important LGBTQ+ TV shows in a generation.

The series will premiere on Netflix on 10 June.