Holy bisexuality, Batman! Fans think new comic just confirmed Bruce Wayne is bisexual

A newly-released Batman comic has fans wondering whether caped crusader Bruce Wayne is actually bisexual.

Issue five of Batman: The Knight sees Bruce share a moment with his teammate Anton. The two look into each other’s eyes, hinting at a potential kiss between the two before they’re interrupted.

DC Comics hasn’t yet confirmed the sexuality of the Dark Knight, but fans have taken to social media to express their own opinions on what the moment means.

One user tweeted: “Bruce Wayne has been such a queer icon for so many decades [that] a small scene that’s not clear at all will make everyone scream that Batman is bisexual and I’m loving it.”

Another spoke on Batman’s notorious camp history, especially during the early years of his character. “We should make Batman camp again. Just fully lean into Batman being a bisexual man who processes his trauma through aggressively homoerotic relationships with every villain in a theatrical costume.”

Of course, there’s the inevitable storm of homophobic comments that a fictional character who fights crime in spandex can’t possibly be any other sexuality than straight. Some talk about the ridiculous assertion that “fictional characters can’t have a sexuality”, whilst others treat Bruce as a victim of the dreaded “woke police”, calling to “leave Bruce out of this”.

Despite this, others have already pointed out the plethora of camp, queer, and bi-curious moments within Batman’s history, including a moment during the video game Batman: The Telltale Series.

Bisexual fans are especially happy to see such massive representation in Gotham’s caped-crusading crew, with Harley Quinn, Catwoman and more recently Robin all identifying as bi.

In the issue, Bruce and his fellow trainee Anton escape from a Russian prison and are trained by ex-KGB agent turned department chief of the FSB Alexei Yahontov AKA Avery Oblonsky.

During the encounter, Anton and Bruce become affectionate after Bruce admits he’s worried about returning to Gotham as a failure. Anton responds by calling him “amazing”, admitting he “thought I was alone in the world”. Before the two kiss, they are interrupted by Oblonsky.

This comes after Superman’s son Jon Kent came out as bisexual in issue five of Superman: Son of Kal-El to an “unprecedented” fan response”. Since then, his boyfriend, Jay Nakamura, has even given him a rainbow cape during a pride issue of the comic series.