Drag Race All Stars 7’s dramatic and hilarious Snatch Game is one of best in show’s herstory

RuPaul laughs while on the judges panel for Drag Race All Stars 7

All Stars 7 has continued to serve up Drag Race excellence with a dramatic, hilarious Snatch Game – with, of course, a twist. 

Needless to say: There are spoilers for All Stars 7 episode two ahead so be warned!

After a stunning first intro to the first-ever all-winners All Stars, the queens were feeling the heat. Snatch Game is the most iconic challenge in the Drag Race universe, and it’s rightly so a fan-favourite. 

So RuPaul obviously decided there was never a better time to raise the stakes and have the eight queens impersonate two celebrities each. We have some amazingly talented queens who killed it in previous Snatch Games. 

I’m, of course, thinking of The Vivienne’s impeachable – we mean, impeccable – Donald Trump and Jinkx Monsoon’s side-splitting portrayal of Little Edie

So twice the work, twice the funny – right? Well, yeah, for the most part. Unlike episode one, which seemed to take FOREVER to get to the challenge, episode two of All Stars 7 jumps straight into the Snatch Game prep. 

There were some unique choices like Shea Couleé deciding to take on TikToker Elsa Majimbo; Trinity the Tuck as Leslie Jordan; Yvie Oddly as the Boogeyman; and Jinkx as Natasha Lyonne. 

Honestly, the highlights of round one were Monét x Change’s Mike Tyson, who embodied his trademark lisp and word mix-ups. Raja was terrifying and beautiful as Wayland Parrott Flowers Jr’s iconic, hilarious puppet Madame.

Monét x Change plays Mike Tyson during the first round of the Snatch Game in All Stars 7

Monét x Change stunned as Mike Tyson in the first round of the Snatch Game. (World of Wonder)

Trinity’s version of Satan was just as obnoxious as you’d expect and even answered that they’d worked on a hit called “Old Bottom Road” with Lil Nas X. Satan was definitely below Nas in that lap dance

I will say that Yvie Oddly’s performance as Rico Nasty wasn’t as strong as the other competitors, but Yvie knew it would be an uphill battle from the start. She said in the werkroom that she would be in trouble during the Snatch Game as she didn’t do well in the challenge during her season. 

But honestly, it’s all over in the second round as the queens are just overshadowed by Jinkx as the one, the only Judy Garland. Not only is Judy a beloved part of the LGBTQ+ community, but Jinkx just embodied the late actor. 

She even launched into a “filthy” story about a “sandwich” she was part of with Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. Then Judy launched into a musical moment midway through the competition. 

Jinkx Monsoon as Judy Garland in the second round of the All Stars 7 Snatch Game battles

Jinkx Monsoon killed it as the iconic, the unforgettable Judy Garland during the second round of the Snatch Game. (World of Wonder)

Oh, and if you’re a fan of Leslie Jordan, you will just die for Trinity’s Snatch Game. Trinity just shot out joke after joke like being too short to get onto the chair and thirsting over Chris Hemsworth’s “hammer”.

In the werkroom, the queens collectively agreed that Jinkx, Raja and Trinity were the ones to look out for this week. Trinity joked that she was excited “not to get a star” as Shea blocked her from getting a star last week. 

Jinkx even admitted to Monét that she’s going to play a strategy and block the queens who already have stars – so Monét and Shea. Monét looked terrified. 

We’re then transported to this week’s runway where the theme is the pleather principle – obviously trying to play off the shiny, artificial fabric. The outfits this week aren’t as fabulous as the royal lewks from episode one, but there are few complaints from the judges this week.

Yvie’s anime-inspired look with giant, inflatable blue pigtails, and the tiny matching doll was just to die for. Of course, Raja served up true style – what we expect from the fashion queen – with a glam rock look complete with a giant red pleather coat and a blue piece underneath.

Jinkx decided to go completely left field with a baby blue and bright pink gown that was very Mary Poppins slash Disney Princess. Shea wore a tight catsuit that channelled Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman from the Tim Burton film Batman Returns.

To the surprise and shock of absolutely no one, Jinkx and Trinity are at the top this week for their stellar All Stars 7 Snatch Game performances. 

The two queens battled it out in an amazing lip-sync battle to the death for Adele’s “Rumour Has It” – such a banger! But it was Jinkx’s song to lose as she stepped out in a perfect half-beehive like the British chart-topper and left everything on the stage. 

Trinity the Tuck and Jinkx Monsoon battle it out on stage to a lip-sync battle to Adele's "Rumour Has It" on the second episode of All Stars 7

Trinity the Tuck and Jinkx Monsoon fought in a fierce lip-sync battle to Adele’s hit “Rumour Has It”. (World of Wonder)

Trinity gave a good fight with some amazing moves, but it would have been a tragedy if Jinkx didn’t win this week. 

Like she professed in the werkroom, Jinkx decided to use big brain energy on All Stars 7 and blocked Shea. Honestly, it might be the right strategy to keep blocking the people who already had badges, stopping them from getting ahead too much.

There are already some clear frontrunners as Shea, Monét, Jinkx and Trinity are giving their all. But will they burn out too fast in the competition? 

New episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7 air on Fridays on Paramount Plus.