Stranger Things star Maya Hawke drops NSFW ‘forest orgy’ music video and fans are shaking

Maya Hawke in "Thérése" music video shirt half on with black backdrop

Stranger Things star Maya Hawke has dropped her new NSFW music video Thérèse” and let’s just say it’s wild. 

Directed by Brady Corbet (Funny Games), the video does not hold back as viewers jump straight into an orgy in the woodlands. For five whole minutes. 

As well as singing, Maya herself features in the music video and fans have flocked to watch it in all its glory – as it hits 1.3 million views and counting at time of writing. 
The video ends with the orgy getting busted by the cops and as everyone is led away, the camera zooms in on Maya singing, walking through the woods and staring into your soul.

The track comes from her upcoming album Moss which will be released on 23 September, and is her second album since her debut Blush in 2020.


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Speaking about the inspiration behind “Thérèse”, Maya told NME: “[It’s about being] stuck as a version of yourself that someone else created [and about] gender and misogyny and the way women are generally looked at from a young age as sexual creatures.

“Making this record felt like a break, like a beginning,” she added, “since then – and it’s probably what my next record will be about – I’ve started feeling freer and exploring more. But since I made the break, everything’s going really great.”

With the legacy of her parents, Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, on her shoulders, Maya has proven herself to be just as talented. 

Not only has she become a fan favourite playing lesbian, Robin, in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, but she can also sing… what can’t this woman do?!

That’s what some fans are asking as they have taken to social media after this latest drop to express their love, shock and everything in between. 

In the wise words of Maya: “It’s tactless. It’s a test. It’s just Thérèse.”