Drag Race royalty Jinkx Monsoon explains how Bianca Del Rio had a hand in her winning lip-sync

Jinkx and Bianca Del Rio

RuPaul’s Drag Race legendary legend Jinkx Monsoon has revealed how fellow drag queen Bianca Del Rio contributed to her iconic All Stars 7 finale lip-sync victory.

The Queen of all Queens took to Instagram to post the behind-the-scenes of her stand out leopard print outfit. 

“Fun story behind this look,” they wrote, “@thebiancadelrio sketched the design for this look and bequeathed it to me before filming, then @theladyhyde created this leopard ready-for-anything look based on that design. I LOVE MY FRIENDS!”

The sketch of the outfit next to Jinkx Monsoon wearing it

Bianca Del Rio’s Instagram story. (Instagram)

Bianca posted the look to her Instagram story alongside the original sketch saying credit for creating the Unsantized tour outfit should be placed with the brilliant costume designer Philip Heckman. “I’m now suing her for $200,000,” she joked. 

After Jinkx returned to her Instagram to give credit to Heckman, she also shared another iconic look made by the artist for drag star Varla Jean Merman. 

While the outfit certainly did add a wow factor to Jinkx’s performance, fans have lamented the true winner of the battle was Monet X Change. 

In response to the uproar, Monet told Entertainment Weekly: “Their intentions are sweet to say that I was robbed and that I should’ve won the lip-sync. We’ve seen time and time again, sometimes they say it for no reason. 

“I don’t want people to say it to take away from Jinkx; she did great all season. I think it’s less than savoury to put the other queen down. It’s sweet, but don’t do it at the expense of Jinkx’s celebration in this moment for a job well done all season.”

Jinkx also gave her two pence about the online chatter adding: “If we find the crack in someone’s defence walls then we can just pick it apart [so] I’m choosing to focus on all the stuff I’m proud of rather than letting someone’s opinions get in my head.”

As the first ever queen to win Drag Race twice, for now, Jinkx Monsoon is enjoying her sweet, sweet victory.