Rachel Zegler and Jameela Jamil talk ‘unsafe’ sex scenes after Sean Bean controversy: ‘Wake up’

Rachel Zegler, Jameela Jamil, Sean Bean

Game of Thrones actor Sean Bean has been criticised by Hollywood actors after speaking against intimacy coordinators.

Intimacy coordinators work in TV and film to make sure actors involved in sex scenes are protected and feel safe, while ensuring scenes are carefully choreographed and rehearsed.

But in an interview with The Times, Sean Bean said that these consultants “spoil the spontaneity”.

“It would inhibit me more because it’s drawing attention to things,” he said.

“Somebody saying, ‘Do this, put your hand there, while you touch his thing…’ I think the natural way lovers behave would be ruined by someone bringing it right down to a technical exercise.”

He referred to an intimate scene in Netflix show Snowpiercer, with co-star Lena Hall, which he described as “quite surreal, dream-like and abstract. And mango-esque.”

While the interviewer countered that intimacy consultants have become a vital tool to protect actors in light of the #MeToo movement, Bean went on to say about Hall: “I suppose it depends on the actress. This one had a musical cabaret background, so she was up for anything.”

Hall has since shared a Twitter thread addressing the comments made by Bean. “Just because I am in theater (not cabaret, but I do perform them every once in a while) does not mean that I am up for anything.”

However, she also added: “Sean is an awesome actor and made me feel not only comfortable but also like I had a true acting partner in those bizarre scenes.”

Other actors have also spoken put against Bean’s flippant remarks.

Actor and activist Jameela Jamil called out Bean’s “technical” comments by saying: “It should only be technical. It’s like a stunt. Our job as actors is to make it not look technical. Nobody wants an impromptu grope…”

West Side Story’s Rachel Zegler – who appeared in intimate scenes with co-star Ansel Elgort – added: “Intimacy coordinators establish an environment of safety for actors. I was extremely grateful for the one we had on [West Side Story].

“They showed grace to a newcomer like myself + educated those around me who’ve had years of experience. Spontaneity in intimate scenes can be unsafe. Wake up.”

Mamma Mia actor Amanda Seyfriend also opened up about her early career experiences of sex scenes in a new interview. 

Being 19, walking around without my underwear on – like, are you kidding me?,” she told Porter. 

“How did I let that happen? Oh, I know why: I was 19 and I didn’t want to upset anybody, and I wanted to keep my job. That’s why.”

Sean Bean is yet to respond to the backlash.