Rylan screams in horror as snake slithers into his house: ‘I think I’m gonna die’

A split screen of Rylan and the evil snake

Rylan Clark channelled his inner Indiana Jones when a snake entered his house. Well, kinda.

The star posted a video to his Instagram late on Sunday (14 August) after a snake invaded his home.

“Can someone please tell me what do you do because this is why you shouldn’t live alone,” he continued. “I don’t know what to do. There is a snake in my house, I repeat, there is a snake in my house and I think I’m gonna die.”

Rylan then proceeded to move the snake, but fell at the first hurdle after it began to slither away.

“I tried to touch it and now it’s moving, it’s moving, someone send help!” the celebrity continued. “Where are you going? Go the other way! Oh my god, what is this creature?”


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Rylan then asked his 1.6 million followers whether the snake would attack, while repeating: “I can’t deal with it.” Meanwhile, the little creature investigated the now-screaming TV host’s home.

The snake appeared to be a Diadphis Punctatus, commonly known as the ringneck snake due to the often olive strip of skin just below its head.

It is one of the most harmless snakes and is rarely seen due to being a secretive, nocturnal species. The ringneck is non-native to the UK, having mostly found its home in North America, so Rylan’s discovery could be seen as an amazingly rare occurrence.

Of course, the star didn’t see it that way, repeatedly claiming the snake “went at” him… although the snake’s calm demeanor told a slightly different story.

In the aftermath of Rylan’s snake saga, he claimed the creature had gone “in the bi-fold doors” and that he had been up all night “googling, like, can you get killed by them”.

Clearly, the snake was just trying to enquire about Rylan’s involvement in the new Big Brother reboot.

The reality show’s return was announced during the Love Island finale on 1 August and will be back on screens in 2023, after being axed five years ago. Celebrity Big Brother winner Rylan confirmed it would be making its way to ITV2 and ITVX, in a tweet on the same day saying: “He was always watching… It’s coming home.”

What the snake and everyone else had been dying to know was whether Rylan has been asked to host, which the star cleared up in a tweet on 2 August, stating: “Should clarify. I’ve not been asked to host the show. As a fan, like always, I’m made up it’s coming back.

“I know how hard you/we all fought to keep that name alive and I’m so glad it paid off in the end.”