Demi Lovato doesn’t care about ‘ignorant people’ being pressed over their pronouns

Demi Lovato wears dark clothing and matching dark eye makeup as they pose for the camera

Demi Lovato said they’re not concerned about “ignorant people” on the internet being upset with their recent pronoun update. 

Lovato first came out as non-binary in May 2021 and changed their pronouns to they/them moving forward. In August, Lovato began using she/her pronouns as well because the singer had “been feeling more feminine” lately. 

The “Sorry Not Sorry” hitmaker – who just released her eighth studio album Holy Fvck – told NPR that she didn’t care about the overreaction to her pronoun update on social media, saying she “didn’t even think that it was going to be a headline”. 

“It doesn’t surprise me because there’s a lot of people out there who have an opinion on everything I say and do,” Lovato said. 

“But I just don’t read it. It’s not important to me, and there’s so many ignorant people on the internet — you can’t pay attention to them all.”

Demi Lovato explained their song “Freak” was inspired by their coming out journey in 2021 and changing her pronouns. They explained it was an experience they “couldn’t really escape from” as they were bombarded by “really hateful” comments on social media. 

“I started seeing in my Instagram comments – people just being really hateful,” Lovato said. “I stopped paying attention to it, but it did affect me and I wrote this song ‘Freak’ about it.”

She continued: “I was like, ‘You already have this conception of me that I’m different and that I’m weird because I’m coming out as non-binary–because I’m speaking my truth. And you know what, this is who I am, and I’m not afraid – I’m going to own this. And I’m taking the power back from what you have to say about this’.”

Lovato explained it was nice to look forward to their 30s and “enter this new chapter where [they’re] figuring out what makes [them] happy”. 

The “Skin of My Teeth” singer celebrated her 30th birthday Saturday (20 August) by hanging out and going Instagram official with her new boyfriend – Canadian artist Jute$. 

Demi Lovato and Jute$ posed for a series of smiling photos on Instagram in honour of the “Cool for the Summer” singer’s birthday. Jute$ described how he was “literally bursting with joy” over his relationship with Lovato and that “making [her] laugh” was his “new obsession”.


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“I’m so proud of you for not only surviving everything you’ve been through but coming out on top and becoming your healthiest, happiest, sweetest self,” Jute$ wrote in the caption. “And that’s all you baby … I’m just here to support you and tell stupid dad jokes when needed.”

He continued: “You’re more than your music, more than your voice, more than a beautiful face. You’re everything. I love you.”

Demi Lovato took to the comment section to gush about how Jute$ was the “best boyfriend in the world”. 

“I’m just so grateful I get to call you mine because I’ve never laughed like this in my life, I’ve never smiled so much and my heart is constantly so full of love with you,” Lovato wrote. “This post, this caption… how are YOU real?! I love you, honey.. so much.”