The Frock Destroyers share their naughty list: ‘Matt Hancock because he should be doing his f**king job’

Drag Race UK icons The Frock Destroyers “are basically the Spice Girls in drag” – if the Spice Girls were “slags filthying it up the entire way through”.

With Little Mix bowing out earlier this year, the UK is without a major girl group for the first time since the 90s.

Enter Drag Race UK stars Divina De Campo, Baga Chipz and ‘Queen of the Motha-tucking World’, Blu Hydrangea, who have taken the Drag Race musical formula of satire, sass and X-rated lyrics and turned it up to 100.

And, in the grand girl group tradition, The Frock Destroyers are making a comeback with a Christmassy bop – although it’s less sleigh bells and mistletoe and more “Saint Nick used to come three times a week”.

Produced by Leland, responsible for Drag Race hits “Break Up (Bye Bye)” and “UK Hun?”, their new track, “Naughty List”, is out now.

PinkNews: We know this single will be iconic because it’s you three – but what makes it so naughty?

Divina De Campo: It’s these two! am just sweetness and light, whereas these slags are filthying it up the entire way through.

Blu Hydrangea: We just finished recording and we were all shy at first and then we were asked to do our ad libs – and we didn’t hold back, to say the least. I can’t bring the music, but I can bring the filth.

Baga Chipz: Lots of innuendos.

The Frock Destroyers are longtime collaborators, having been formed on the very first Drag Race UK – what is it about the group that works so well?

Divina: We’re basically the Spice Girls in drag – we’ve got such different personalities and we all bring something totally different to the table and and we all believe in the empowerment of everybody.

Baga:  I believe that’s correct. We’ll get on – nobody’s the Beyoncé, we all have the same amount of time and we all do the same dances and choreography… we just have fun together. And you might even see a bit of rapping.

Blu: It’s good fun! Plus, we thought ‘what’s camper than a Christmas song?’.

PN: Well, on that note – what do you think is the gayest thing about Christmas?

Divina: Santa getting up my chimney.

Blu: And that is one of the many ad libs you might hear on the song.

Baga: Santa emptying his sack! The campest thing about Christmas is the music – you’ve got Mariah Carey, you’ve got Mary Poppins on the telly. And it’s a time like Hallowe’en; you can go out, dress like a slag, wear your little Santa outfit…

And ladies, who is on your naughty list and nice list this year?

Blu: Well, my nice list would be the lettuce that beat Liz Truss.

Baga:  My naughty list can be Matt Hancock, because he should be doing his f**king job instead of making 400 grand [on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here]! You shouldn’t be earning money when you’re in office.

Divina: My nice list is the footballer that pushed for all those kids to get their food – Marcus Rashford. He’s my nice list every year.

What are the Frock Destroyers most looking forward to at DragConUK next year?

Baga: It’s a time where we get to see all the girls from around the world – we’ve got so many friends from the American franchise, the Australian franchise.

Blu: You’re so busy traveling that you just literally wear dirty drag for a whole year – so it’s nice to have a big event that we get to wear a nice new fresh drag for! We look all stunning and it’s going to be nice meeting news fans as well, because the last UK DragCon we did was before COVID, and the UK drag fans go wild for drag.

What sets American drag and British drag apart?

Baga: Well, they have better teeth over there. And we bring a bit more humour in the UK, and tongue in cheek.

Blu: There’s a lot more children at this one, because in the UK, more kids like drag – and so they should.

And what are you all most looking forward to about performing ‘Naughty List’ live?

Baga: Ooh, I’m gonna feel like I’m in Mean Girls! Although I’ll look more like the mum with her camera – we’re just gonna be total slags on stage in our little festive outfits!

Blu: Plus, who hasn’t wanted that Mariah moment for themselves?

Naughty List” by Frock Destroyers is out now. Baga Chipz and Blu Hydrangea will be attending RuPaul’s DragCon UK 2023, which is taking place at ExCel Convention Centre from 6 to 8 January, 2023.

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