RuPaul’s Drag Race icon Kerri Colby proudly comes out as a side: ‘We are sensationalists’

Kerri Colby and her 'side' tweet

Just days after RuPaul’s Drag Race finalist Bosco sparked ‘The Great Anal Sex Debate of 2022’, Kerri Colby has waded in with the groundbreaking discovery – and announcement – that she is a side.

Taking to Twitter, the Season 14 fan favourite wrote that she was “today years old” when she learned that she identified as a side.

A side refers to LGBTQ+ people who don’t tend to like sex that is all about topping or bottoming, instead enjoying everything in between

Adding yet more proof that 2022 was the ‘Year of the Side’, Colby then followed up with another two tweets, by first writing: “The only discrepancy is that the term seems to be exclusive with gay men which made me LOL.”

She then added that she “tried to fix” the Urban Dictionary definition of the word with an edited screenshot.

According to the Urban Dictionary definition, a side is an individual who doesn’t enjoy anal penetration – topping or bottoming – but will engage in “other forms” of sexual activity.

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In a fairly effective way to shut the haters up, Colby had some final – and harsh – words to say for anyone disagreeing with those who identified as sides.

She wrote: “And also don’t come at us for being sides. Keep your desensitised cocks and loose walls. We are sensationalists. Ty gn!”

J.D. Salinger wishes he could have written with that level of description.

Colby replied to further tweets from fans under the original post, too, with topics ranging from her position as a ‘side ho’ to what she would be as an actual ‘side’ dish.

The term ‘side’ has gained popularity recently after Grindr added it as a sexual preference option on its user interface.

Bosco originally kicked off the debate with a tweet weighing up how much the “community” were lying about enjoying anal sex.

Following Bosch’s tweet LGBTQs of the Twittersphere did actually start a nuanced discussion on the history of anal sex, porn and the dreadful lack of sex education available for LGBTQ+ people.

“I think porn and the gay community make anal seem like a walk in the park. That you can do it anywhere at any time with no consequences. When the reality is starkly different,” one person shared.

Another said: “Bottoms serve an oscar worthy performance at the anal scenes in porn, like it’s the best feeling in the world, when it’s not!”

“I think as a community there are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation. Personally the only hang up I have is the prep but once you have a good routine/diet it shouldn’t take too long,” another added.

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