TikToker Dylan Mulvaney opens up about facial feminisation surgery: ‘I’m starting to enjoy being alive’

Dylan Mulvaney, head tilted, smiles while lying down in a hospital bed.

Trans icon Dylan Mulvaney has opened up about her journey through facial feminisation surgery and, honestly, we couldn’t be happier for her.

The social media star announced she had gotten the augmentation surgery in an Instagram post on 22 December showcasing before and after pictures.

The post also featured a lighthearted note dedicated to her face, which read: “Dear sweet face, you did me good! If we had stuck it out together forever we would’ve made it work.”

She added: “But you sparked a sadness much too often that most will never relate to.

“I wonder how I’ll look back at you in a matter of weeks? For now, you are still a friend. Thank you for listening to my needs and taking one for the team.

“Please don’t feel like you failed – I can assure it’s me, not you.”

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Facial feminisation surgery, commonly abbreviated to FFS, is a set of procedures that aims to achieve a more feminine appearance.

It is often an incredibly costly procedure and is not typically covered by the NHS or similar healthcare plans, so it can be seen as a major step for trans women.

Much like almost any other cosmetic procedure, FFS typically leaves behind brief scars that can take a few weeks to heal – which Mulvaney showed off in her Instagram post.

But despite certain anti-trans activists attempting to use the photos to scaremonger about the procedure, Dylan Mulvaney and many others feel the operation is a huge part of their transition.

In a post from Sunday (1 January), Mulvaney, while taking a dip in a pool during her recovery, explained that she has “started to enjoy being alive in ways that I hadn’t before”.

“Funny enough, the last two weeks have been the happiest I’ve been in a long time,” she said, referencing her FFS recovery time. “Who knew privacy would be helpful to transition!?

“Still need a week or two to heal. Hell, maybe I’ll take three. I am beyond thankful. Let’s take care of the trans community in 2023 with the same love and advocacy that you’ve given me.”

“I still have so much to learn, if you’re down to keep watching, then I’m down too.”

Replies in her post poured out their hearts to the social media star, saying that she is a “shining light” and “precious.”

“You’ve been such a massive reason why so many of our years were a little brighter, thank you,” one user wrote.