The Last of Us review-bombed by trolls because gay people don’t exist in the apocalypse, apparently

Image of Bill and Frank from The Last of Us with apocalyptic scenes in the background

Sad homophobes are swarming to review sites to proclaim their disgust at the heartbreaking gay storyline in The Last of Us episode three.

The third episode of HBO’s apocalyptic drama focuses on the tender relationship between survivalist Bill (Nick Offerman) and straggler Frank (Murray Bartlett) and was immediately met with critical acclaim following its premiere on Sunday (29 January).

Many have dubbed it one of the best episodes of TV in recent history, but homophobes are, unsurprisingly, struggling to see the beauty.

At the time of writing, the third episode, entitled “Long Long Time”, currently has a total of 86,000 reviews on IMDb. While the majority are full ten-star reviews, around a quarter – or 22,000 – are bogus one-star reviews.

The episode’s overall star rating currently sits at eight out of 10, while, conversely, the first two episodes are rated as 9.2 and 9.3 respectively.

Bill and Frank
Sad ending: Nick Offerman as Bill and Murray Bartlett as Frank in The Last Of Us (HBO)

There are currently 41 written one-star reviews, and the homophobia is well and truly jumping out.

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“It’s getting boring shoving LGBT characters in a show just for the sake of it,” writes one person, while another unironically says: “If the characters were gay in the game I wouldn’t have an issue with it.”

A lot of queer gamers picked up on the fact that Bill and Frank were actually together during the first game, despite the reference being fleeting.

During the game, Ellie finds a gay porn magazine belonging to Bill, while at one point, Bill refers to Frank as his ‘partner’.

That’s ‘partner’ as in romantically involved, not business associate or crime-fighting sidekick.

In the immortal words of Alexis Michelle: Tamar, have you ever watched the show?

In addition, in the franchise’s second video game, The Last of Us Part II, it’s confirmed that the game and TV series’ main character Ellie is herself LGBTQ+, while a trans character is also introduced.

Any bigot hoping to avoid any queer content in the show should probably just switch off now.

Another referred to the episode as a ‘trap for the LGBT agenda’ and according to episode director Peter Hoar, they are quite literally correct.

“This was purely to shoehorn in some LGBTQ storyline. As usual with the TV shows now it’s all forced,” wrote another person, because apparently, a parasitic fungal infection destroying humanity is more realistic than two gay men, you know, existing.

One other terrified reviewer added: “I’m slowly starting to give up on all modern television. Why do I keep doing this to myself? Why do I set high hopes?”

There is something objectively hilarious about a homophobe tuning into their favourite TV show to be greeted by Bill Offerman and Murray Bartlett going at it.

Queer fans of the show are begging the homophobes to touch grass, get jobs, or just turn the TV off.

And for those who can emotionally withstand two men eating a strawberry together, The Last of Us continues Sunday on HBO in the US (9pm ET) and on Monday in the UK (2am/9pm GMT) via Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.