Laverne Cox advises Dylan Mulvaney to ‘keep things for yourself’ following public transition

Laverne Cox and Dylan Mulvaney

Actress Laverne Cox has offered some sterling advice to Dylan Mulvaney while on the red carpet at the 65th Grammy awards.

Mulvaney, who gained popularity on TikTok with her series ‘Day X of Being a Girl’, in which she talks her 10.6 million followers through the challenges of being a trans individual, has lived much of her transition in the public eye.

Recently, she shared the results of her facial feminisation surgery with the world; and that became the topic of discussion when she came face to face with Cox on the red carpet at the Grammy awards.

After approaching telling Cox and telling her that she was on her 2023 vision board, Dylan received some motherly advice from the trans icon.

“It’s insane that you’re documenting so much of your life,” the Orange Is The New Black star remarked after saying how “lovely” it was that she was on Mulvaney’s vision board.

“Make sure you keep things for yourself. Everything cannot be for the public. They love it, but everything cannot be for them.”

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Mulvaney, whose Tiktoks regularly reach millions of views, then began to tell Cox that she’d recently undergone facial feminisation surgery.

“I just did my FFS and…”, started Dylan, before Laverne cut in with a characteristic “I know, girl, we know! It’s all over TikTok!”

Fans have loved the interaction, picking up on Cox’s penchant for a bit of light reading while still bestowing some sounds words of advice for a younger trans woman.

“The way she said, ‘girl we know, it’s all over TikTok,’ I am DECEASED,” one wrote.

Another added: “I’m screaming. Laverne really said let me get you together and make sure you’re safe lol love that she made sure you had your own safety.”

“Omg the wisdom she has. The things you two have taught me,” another commented.

Dylan Mulvaney looking to the right infront of a white background.
Dylan Mulvaney stunned fans with her face reveal following feminisation surgery. (Instagram)

Mulvaney and Cox then spoke directly to the camera, highlighting the importance of supporting trans people.

“I want to say, to everyone supporting her, thank you,” said Cox. “I think it’s really important that we have support from people and love from folks.

“I see all the love you give her, and it’s not just important for her. It’s important for all the trans folks out there who maybe aren’t getting that,” she concluded.

Mulvaney then added: “Please give that love that you give to us to every trans person.”

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