Comedian Chelsea Handler explains why we all owe trans people ‘a huge thank you’

Chelsea Handler comes out with strong pro-trans message. (Instagram/Chelsea Handler)

Comedian Chelsea Handler has called out ongoing attacks against the trans community in a searing message targeting US Republicans.

Handler has been a consistent anti-Republican comedian, and shared hot takes against Marjorie Taylor Greene, Tucker Carlson and George Santos in her recent stint on The Daily Show and her Netflix special Revolution.

And her latest Instagram video is her strongest yet when it comes to being a vocal ally of the trans community – as trans and non-binary people come increasingly under threat.

“Oh hello, it’s Chelsea Handler – cis white female – chilling in my trans-friendly bathroom,” she began.

“Because I’m trans friendly, my bathroom is open to anyone except closeted Republicans. They get pretty freaky in airport toilets so imagine what they would do with this body,” she joked.  

Her video then took a more serious turn, with the comedian saying: “Transgender people are some of the bravest people I know. They have the courage to live their lives authentically despite being shunned and discriminated against in the pursuit of personal peace.

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“We all owe trans people a huge thank you because it is now easier to spot all the f**kers out there.”

In the past few weeks, Texas House of Representative candidate, Shelley Luther, has said “trans kids” make her “uncomfortable” and that students aren’t allowed to make fun of them.

Meanwhile ex-president Donald Trump, who is running again in 2024, has started his anti-trans campaign in earnest.

Chelsea Handler turned her attack on the much-mocked Republican congressman George Santos, who has come under fire for a string of lies around where he went to school and college, where he’s worked, being Jewish and his mother’s two deaths. And that’s just to name a few.

“Conservatives want to criticise you for how you identify but they are fine with George Santos being whatever the f**k he is this week,” she continued, specifically referencing the lawmaker’s conflicting messages around his drag persona.

“By championing transgender people, we are giving them the acceptance and love to pursue their dreams. Would you want your dreams to be decided by others? You are all perfect and don’t let a politician or a comedian or your weird uncle Gary tell you otherwise.

“You are fulfilling your own happiness and that makes you a better member of society than the hateful people who [come] after you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to RSVP to George Santos’ bar mitzvah. Mazel Tov-ish. Trans people exist, get over it.”

People shared their appreciation in the comments under her post, with one person saying: “My 14-year-old is trans and I am a mama bear [who] will fight for him. I love my son and am thankful he can be his best, authentic self. I appreciate you speaking out, Chelsea.”

Someone else added: “Thank you for this. Lots of people I love are trans and it is amazing when I see others advocating for them.”

Another respondent wrote: “Thank you so much, Chelsea!! This means the world to me! I am transgender and came out at work in 2021! I wish that more people like you would speak up as well! Thank you for your support!”

Handler has also not shied away from the discourse plaguing the comedy scene about whether comedians can be cancelled for punching down to marginalised community.

It is something comedians such as Grammy-award winning Dave Chappelle and Louis CK have previously complained about.

Chelsea Handler told CBS Mornings: “I’m not really interested in all these people talking about the parameters of cancel culture and how limiting that is. It is not that limiting, all they are asking you to do is not be sexist or racist. It’s not a tall order.

“I have a strong desire to put a show together to demonstrate to people that it is not that hard to accomplish.”