Louis CK mocks non-binary people and Parkland shooting in new material

Comedian Louis CK, who was accused by five women of sexual harassment in 2017, has allegedly mocked non-binary people and victims of the Parkland school shooting in his new material.

In a recording leaked on social media, CK appears to poke fun of young people, who he describes as “just boring.”

“[They’re] telling you ‘you shouldn’t say that’, ‘that’s not appropriate,” he can be heard saying.

“F*ck you, you’re a child. They’re like royalty, they tell you what to call them. ‘You should address me as they/them because I identify as gender neutral.’ OK.”

Louis CK’s leaked new material panders to the alt-right

CK then appears to reference survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, in February 2018, which killed 17 people.

“I don’t know. They testified in front of Congress, these kids,” he allegedly says.

“Like, what the f***? What are you doing? You’re young. You should be going crazy.

“‘You should address me as they/them because I identify as gender neutral.’ OK.”

—Louis CK

“You should be unhinged, not in a suit saying: ‘I’m here to tell…’—f**ck you. You’re not interesting ’cause you went to a high school where kids got shot.

“Why does that mean I have to listen to you? How does that make you interesting? You didn’t get shot. You pushed some fat kid in the way and now I got to listen to you talk?”

Louis CK is criticised for his “transphobic” new material

CK has been condemned over the leaked new material, which critics say panders to the alt-right.

Journalist Jack Allison wrote: “Im listening to the leaked louis set and its very clear hes just going to tour red states for the rest of his life to rapturous crowds, like trump [sic].”

Trans comedian Avery Edison said on Twitter: “I am shocked—SHOCKED—to learn that Louis is doing straight-up transphobic material now.

“As always with material like this, it’s not just built on false premises and ugly prejudices, it’s also *not even funny*! there are no interesting or original thoughts in here!”

In November 2017, The New York Times published an article in which five women accused CK of sexual harassment.

A 2017 film called I Love You, Daddy, written and directed by CK, was dropped by entertainment company The Orchard in the lead up to the allegations being published.

In July 2017, CK sold a documentary about a group of young black LGBT people who formed a street gang to protect each other from homophobic abuse.

CK admitted his sexual misconduct in a statement on November 10 2017, saying: “These stories are true.”

He made a return to comedy in August 2018 with an unannounced appearance at the Comedy Cellar in Manhattan, New York, when he reportedly received a standing ovation.