Karine Jean-Pierre calls out ‘shameful, hateful, and dangerous’ attacks on LGBTQ+ community

Karine Jean-Pierre in the White House press room.

White House press secretary Jean-Pierre has called out “dangerous” attacks on the US LGBTQ+ community, as politicians target trans lives, drag performances and queer lives across the nation.

The press secretary spoke about Republicans’ assaults against LGBTQ+ people, as more bills are introduced to diminish equal rights.

As the first out LGBTQ+ person to hold the position as press secretary, her perspective over various issues relating to the state of LGBTQ+ rights in the country is unique.

“I just want to take a step back a moment and really call out the shameful, hateful, and dangerous attacks that we have been seeing on the LGBTQI community as we’ve seen this week and also last week,” she said.

“I want to call out the shameful and hateful attacks that we have been seeing on the LGBTQ+ community. it started with a conservative speaker at a conference calling for the eradication of transgender people. Language not a single national Republican leader has condemned.”

The press secretary went on to mention recent bills proposed in Iowa and legislation by Republican’ attacks on same-sex couples and marriage.

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“Just think about a kid who’s sitting at home in this community who’s listening and hearing elected officials talking about how they want to take away their rights, or how they want to even threaten their parents with felony charges for seeking health care for their children,” she added.

“These kids are sitting at home having to listen to people who are supposed to protect them and their freedom saying these horrific, ugly, despicable things.”

Republicans blamed LGBTQ+ people for school shootings

From stopping drag performances to condemning transgender people, the US has become a hostile and dangerous place to be an LGBTQ+ person in certain parts.

Republican politician Michele Fiore blamed the Uvalde school shooting on “transgender medicine.”

Fiore, of Las Vegas, Nevada, linked the shooting that took the lives of 19 students and two teachers to health care for trans individuals during a campaign event on June 5 2022.

Utah has become the first state to ban gender-affirming care for trans youth in 2023 after governor Spencer Cox signed a chilling bill into law. 

The state’s Republican-dominated legislature seemingly prioritised the legislation, SB 16, as it was quickly passed through both chambers in January. The House approved the measure on the 26 January, and the Senate passed it just a day later.

The gender-affirming healthcare dropped on Cox’s desk, and he signed it into law on the (28 January.