Woman burns Nike sports bra in pathetic protest over collab with trans TikToker Dylan Mulvaney

A split image of the TikTok user Chatterbox Mama burning her bras.

An anti-trans campaigner has shared a public temper tantrum over Dylan Mulvaney enduring Nike sportswear by burning her sports bra.

A TikTok user who uses the name ‘Chatterbox Mama’ posted a clip on Wednesday (12 April) where she set fire to her bra while screaming that she was boycotting Nike.

“All you real women out there, we are in the fight of all fights,” she said.

“Since the 1960s we have been fighting for our right to be women.

Right-wingers launched a furious backlash against the global brand, and Mulvaney, following social media posts in which trans influencer Mulvaney wore female sportswear on her personal account.

Mulvaney shared a series of photo to her 1.8 million followers wearing Nike Women’s leggings and a sports bra, and a video on TikTok, which saw an immediate transphobic backlash.

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In response, angry anti-trans pundits began destroying branded clothing while threatening a boycott.

In her petty moment of outrage, Chatterbox Mama went on an anti-trans tirade, routinely misgendering Dylan Mulvaney and calling her a “little boy” despite her being 26 years old.

“Nike, you should be ashamed of yourself,” Chatterbox Mama continued.

“You chose a little boy with no breasts and junk in his pants to represent real women.

“I am done with you. I will never ever buy another Nike product as long as I live.”


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She then called for viewers to burn their Nike bras, before setting fire to two sports bras while saying: “They’re pushing us around and we’re not doing anything about it.”

According to the Nike online shopfront, the sports bra that the anti-trans activist burned sells for around $40.

Additionally, she then posted several other videos protesting Mulvaney’s Nike promotion, including a clip of Dolly Parton discussing bra burning – ignoring the fact that Parton is outspoken for trans rights.

Another has a bulk of text reading: “It’s not about inclusion of Trans. It’s about the exclusion of real women.

“A boy who identifies as female in his mind for 365 days vs real women who lived, birthed, and sacrificed for up to 30,000 days.”

Activists everywhere have responded to these accusations of stolen womanhood by pointing out that, not only is Dylan Mulvaney completely valid in her identity, she is not the only female model.

In response to the backlash, Nike told users to be “kind” and “inclusive” while refraining from “hate speech.”

“You are an essential component to the success of your community,” it read. “We welcome comments that contribute to a positive and constructive discussion.

“Hate speech, bullying, or other behaviours that are not in the spirit of a diverse and inclusive community will be deleted.”

PinkNews has reached out to Chatterbox Mama for comment.