Matthew Camp and Nicky Monet on Hot Haus, queer sex symbols and Lady Gaga’s ‘huge trans energy’

A composite image of Hot Haus stars Nicky Monet and Matthew Camp placed in the middle of the image with pink neon design in the background

Hot Haus reunites OnlyFans icon Camp with Nicky Monet, breakout star of the Cock Destroyers’ Slag Wars, as they search for America’s ‘next queer sex symbol’.

Introducing viewers to a cast of LGBTQ+ sex workers and sex-positive content creators (the ‘Hotties’), the show explores community, queerness and creativity – with loads of drama and very few clothes.

After the first season won rave reviews, the second returns at a salient time for the LGBTQ+ community in the US, with lawmakers targeting everything from gender-affirming healthcare to public drag performances.

What does the wider political context have to do with a reality show that’s by and large about being sexy? Everything, the pair say.

Camp tells PinkNews it’s a “scary time in history” for the LGBTQ+ community, adding: “People seeing more of themselves, more people that they identify with, is extremely sobering for some people and extremely heartwarming for others”.

Monet says how the Hot Haus team made a point of discussing the impact that this rise in anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and hate has had on their lives in every episode of the new season. 

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“As queer people, as sex workers, as LGBTQIA people, we do bring up those points,” she says. “We talk about bills, we talk about acceptance, we talk about being shunned, we talk about acceptance, we talk about all of those things.”

She says it’s essentially the reason the show as commissioned, and why she and Camp were asked to take part.

“They asked the most vocal people in the world to join together on a cast to make a difference in the world, and every episode does have a point to acceptance and showing kindness. 

“It’s a bullet point for every f**king episode.”

Sex can be an integral part of life for many people. And for far too long, the topic has been clouded with judgement and shame, especially for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Sex negativity is taught in fear-based sex education programmes, preached by some religious leaders, pushed in government policies and embedded in cultural offerings like movies and TV shows. It’s harmful at every level. 

Hot Haus is truly a revelation in that every single episode is shamelessly queer and sex positive. It’s a giant middle finger to a society that still tries to stigmatise queer sex, sexuality and identities. 

Each Hot Haus season crowns the ‘next queer sex symbol’. It’s a title that’s been bestowed on both Matthew Camp and Nicky Monet, naturally – but who would they give it to?

“Tilda Swinton – major daddy vibes,” Camp says. 

“In every performance that’s portrayed by Tilda, you see this sort of strong knowingness and self-assurance and generosity even when [she’s] someone that’s totally absurd and evil. There’s still sort of this magnanimous-ness to the performance, which I love.” 

Hot Haus stars Matthew Camp and Nicky Monet stand outside during a challenge for one episode of the second series. Camp is shirtless and wearing a baseball cap while Monet wears an orange swimsuit
Prolific adult film star Matthew Camp and trans icon Nicky Monet are judges on Hot Haus season two. (YouTube/OUTtv)

Monet would love to crown Lady Gaga.

“She’s bisexual right, but she’s like, ‘Hi, I’m Lady Gaga, I eat p***y’, you know what I mean?” she explains.

“She’s very, ‘I’m writing an album for gay people. I’m writing specific songs for gay people. I’m marching down in protest without security for gay rights.’

“She has huge queer energy, huge sex energy, huge trans energy. She is a fighter for us, and I thank her every day.”

Hot Haus season two is now streaming on Froot.TV.