Strongbow Ultra’s guide to creating the greatest summer gathering of all time

A group of friends at a music festival holding a rainbow Pride flag above their heads

The days are getting longer, Pride season is right around the corner and with a whole host of globally televised events from the world of music and sport set to bring the nation – and the LGBTQ+ community and allies – together, it’s time to get planning for those all important summer parties.

Whether you love to host or are more into showing up and showing out, Strongbow Ultra’s vibrant and fruity new range of low-calorie ciders is set to bring flavour and fun to any occasion and make sure your summer 2023 is the greatest of all time – or should that be G.O.A.T.

It doesn’t matter whether your family, friends or chosen family are gathering for a pre-Pride party, to soak up some Euro-pop camp on the small screen or to roar for the Brits as they take their place on the world’s biggest sporting stage, the LGBTQ+ community knows better than anyone how to put a new twist on an old classic.

And after three years of upheaval, the Great British Summer is officially back to bust a move. If you’re planning ahead or looking for some last-minute inspiration, here are our top tips to make sure your gathering hits the sweet spot – just like a Strongbow Ultra Cider on a summer’s evening…

Provide some added entertainment

The good times will flow at any party this summer given the sheer number of events taking place that’ll keep your guests glued to the screen, but serving up some extra activities will ensure the energy levels start high and stay there.

A photo booth is a great way to bring people together, but don’t worry, you don’t need to start hiring in costly tech: simply hang up a glitzy piece of fabric or curtain as a backdrop and make sure you’ve left some fun inflatables, rainbow fans or flags and fancy dress items nearby. Let your phones and your friends do the rest.

You may like to watch

The LGBTQ+ community has long been united by a love of music, so make sure there’s plenty of dancefloor space for people to throw some shapes as the party progresses. Need an ice-breaker? Grab those fans and flags from your homemade photo booth and clear a runway for a vogue-off or impromptu catwalk.

Keep the drinks fruity and fun with Strongbow Ultra Cider

Whether you’re assembling for Pride, a pop music marathon or a nail-biter on the pitch, you’ll want to make sure the party drinks are popping off. When it comes to summer gatherings, your drinks options also need to be on point.

A glass and 330ml can of Strongbow Ultra Dark Fruit Cider next to a glass and 330ml can of Strongbow Ultra Apple Cider
Strongbow Ultra Dark Fruit contains 95 calories per can and Strongbow Ultra Apple has 80 calories per can. (Strongbow/PinkNews)

A proven winner, Strongbow Ultra Cider is available in two refreshing flavours, crisp Apple and Dark Fruit, so you and your guests can take your pick of whichever best suits your taste.

Gluten free and vegan friendly, it can suit any party-goer on a hot summer’s day – and given that Strongbow Ultra Dark Fruit contains 95 calories per can and Strongbow Ultra Apple has 80 calories per can, you can serve a delicious yet lighter cider that’s a total crowd-pleaser. 

For an added flourish, serve up your summer cider in glasses topped off with fruit, paper straws and plenty of ice. You could even consider making your own signature cocktail or punch with Strongbow Ultra Cider as the fruity main ingredient.

If you’re marking Pride or one of the big national celebrations coming up this summer, add a personal themed touch with a rainbow Pride or national flag cocktail stick as an alternative to the traditional umbrella.

Embrace the occasion with themed food and costumes

It doesn’t matter if you’re gathering the gang at home, in the park or at a screening or festival – a theme and simple dress code can help ensure that everyone gets into the spirit from the minute they get ready.

Nothing says Pride season more than sparkles, and assigning everyone a different colour of the rainbow means those all important group shots will shine when you all come together, drink in hand. 

For more variation, you could even draw different LGBTQ+ Pride flags from a hat and dress accordingly – think baby blue, pink and white for the trans Pride flag, or magenta, purple and blue for the bisexual Pride flag. 

If your summer party is centred round one of the international competitions that are set to have the nation gripped, you ask guests to deliver a costume inspired by a participating country.

You can extend the rainbow or national decorations to the food, too. Simple and plentiful finger food is a must for summer parties as they extend into the evening, so make sure you’ve got some nibbles ready from the outset and mains ready and waiting. 

If you want to save time and get your guests involved (and save yourself some hassle), you could try country-themed snacks and ask party-goers to complement their costume with a national dish. It might mean putting your faith in your friends and family’s culinary skills, but hey, at least you know the cider will go down a storm…

Have fun!

Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff. Make sure you’re enjoying yourself and so will your loved ones. With nothing but good vibes and good company, your summer party is sure to be the greatest of all time, with Strongbow Ultra Cider the star of the show. Cheers!