BBC makes hilarious blunder confusing Eurovision fan with Finnish entrant Käärijä

BBC reporters mistook a Eurovision fan for Finland's entrant Käärijä.

Eurovision fan favourite, Finland’s Käärijä, has stood out from the crowd during the 2023 contest thanks to his puffy, neon green sleeves and spiked collar.

Yet the trademark outfit has also led to more than a few copycats, with people taking to the streets of Liverpool dressed as the “Cha Cha Cha” singer, with bare chests and combed-forward hair to match. 

The signature look has evidently got a few journalists confused, however, with news programme BBC North West Tonight interviewing a man they thought was Käärijä.

A clip of the hilarious blunder, which has gone semi-viral on Twitter, features a reporter saying that they “even managed to catch up with the main man himself”.

The BBC interviewer questioned a random passer-by dressed in a replica of Käärijä’s lime green get-up, asking: “How do you think Liverpool’s done out there?”

“Oh, incredible. In comparison with other countries I’ve been, this is better organised, everything is in walking distance,” the man, who is actually a member of an Australian Eurovision fan group, replied. “It’s just so friendly. Everything is just so easy around here. It’s incredible.”

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Eurovision fans are reacting to the clip with absolute joy.

“OH MY GOD BBC North West Tonight interviewed a Käärijä fan thinking it was HIM,” TV critic Scott Bryan wrote on Twitter.

“I watched the BBC reporters CHASE this completely random man down to do this interview,” another revealed.

“When you order a Eurovision finalist off Wish,” a third joked.

Käärijä breezed through to the Eurovision final last night (9 May) after an exhilarating performance during the first of two semi-finals.

He was joined by nine other countries making it through to the live final on Saturday (13 May), including the likes of Sweden’s legendary Eurovision winner Loreen, and Serbia’s avant-garde performer Luke Black.

As the final approaches, many fans and bookies are beginning to see Käärijä and Loreen as the top two contenders for the win.

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