Nebraska lawmaker says Republicans ‘hate’ her trans son more than they love their own kids

Megan Hunt

Nebraska Democrat Megan Hunt, one of two politicians who have filibustered anti-trans Republican bills in the state for three months, has issued a powerful message to her rivals.

Hunt, a mother to a trans son, was responding to senator Lou Ann Linehan in the Nebraska state House, who had complained that the filibuster on Legislative Bill 574 (LB574) meant she had missed her grandson’s preschool graduation.

A ‘filibuster’ is when politicians talk for as long as possible in a bid to stop legislation from passing.

“I hate that for you. I’m so sorry, seriously, I would hate to have that happen to me,” Hunt responded, before saying she was “happy” her efforts had rivals listening.

“I am not asking you to sit here through late nights to vote on these bills that we’re dragging out. I’m asking you to love your family more than you hate mine.

“If you want to see your grandson graduate from preschool, you should do that.”

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She told the House she was blocking the passing of the bill because of the effect it would have on her family.

“Instead, you are here to drag out this session because you won’t come off this bill that hurts my son. You hate him, more than you love your own family and that’s why you’re here,” Hunt said.

“We don’t need you here. We need you to vote ‘no’ or present not voting on 574.

“There’s nothing else in this body that’s affecting your family that way.”

Hunt, along with fellow Nebraska Democrat Machaela Cavanaugh began to filibuster LB574 on 23 February. If the bill isn’t passed by 9 June, when the current legislative session ends, it will fail.

LB574 would end gender-affirming healthcare for under-18s in the state, and when the filibuster began, Cavanaugh promised she would “burn the session to the ground” in order to stop it being passed.

In a blow to Hunt, Cavanaugh and their supporters, Republicans held a successful vote to combine its trans healthcare ban with a bill banning abortion after 12 weeks in the state earlier this week.

“You are willing to drive this state into the ground. You look ridiculous,” Cavanaugh said in response, Associated Press reported.

“Women will die, children are dying, and you are responsible.”

She echoed Montana lawmaker Zooey Zephyr in claiming Republicans have “buckets and buckets of blood on your hands.”

When Zeyphr made her “blood on your hands” speech on 18 April 2023, she was censured by Republicans and expelled from the Montana state House.

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