Inside Out 2 sparks fresh wave of thirst for Riley’s moustachioed dad: ‘Still very much a DILF’

Riley's dad in Inside Out

Inside Out 2, starring Amy Poehler and Ayo Edebiri has arrived in cinemas – and everyone’s weirdly into Riley’s dad and his pornstache again.

The sequel to Disney Pixar’s 2015 hit of the same name, Inside Out 2 landed in theatres on Friday (14 June) and continues Riley’s journey into puberty from the inside of her head. 

Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust and Fear and several new emotions all appear in the film – but they’ve been rather overshadowed by a deluge of thirst for Riley’s dad and his moustache.

Perhaps prompted by a Variety article in which Riley’s dad tops the list of hottest animated fathers (we’ve never been jealous of a list before), X has exploded with utterly shameless reactions for the character and his ’70s porn star moustache.

The publication claim that Riley’s dad, whose real name is Bill Andersen (Kyle MacLachlan), has become “Gen Z’s unofficial animated zaddy,” due to his “perpetual stubble, just-so jeans-and-T-shirt and warm bemusement.”

We’re not sure if it’s the stubble, bemusement, or the unrelenting libido of X, but fans have made their thoughts very clear, with one writing: “The obscene thoughts I had every time Riley’s dad popped up during Inside Out 2 would get me arrested in most states,” as they waited for the horny police to come and lock them up.

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Another added: “Just watched Inside Out 2 and all I’ll say is Riley’s dad needs to leverage the freak and dom top emotions in his head with me STAT,” proving once again that gay people can’t just give someone a normal compliment.

Yet another fan wrote that their biggest takeaway from Inside Out 2 was that “Riley’s dad is still very much a DILF”, and another co-opted that statement with the opinion: “Riley’s dad… is still hot as sh*t.”

More fans agreed with posts ranging from the fairly innocent “My favorite part of Inside Out 2 is Riley’s dad,” to the more graphic “I want Riley’s dad inside me, I’m sorry.”

Apology not accepted.

There’s also – and we won’t include them – some fairly graphic images of Riley’s dad out there on X, with imaginative artists drawing the character in a pose that wouldn’t look out of place in a very very different kind of film.

Inside Out 2 stars Amy Poehler as Joy and Ayo Edebiri as newcomer Envy, alongside a star studded cast featuring Maya Hawke, Tony Hale, Phyllis Smith and Kaitlyn Dias as Riley – who, despite the best wishes of Sapphic detectives everywhere, doesn’t seem to be queer (at all).

Inside Out 2 opens in cinemas today (14 June).

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