Drag Race icon Bimini won’t appear on All Stars until this change is made

Drag Race star Bimini.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK fan favourite Bimini has revealed why they are yet to make a ru-turn to the competition on All Stars

The 30-year-old London-based drag star, formerly known as Bimini Bon Boulash, mercilessly slayed the competition during her run to the final of season two of Drag Race UK in 2021.

Bimini, who is non-binary, became the first Drag Race UK contestant to ever win four challenges – the Snatch Game, the girl group challenge, the comedy roast and the EastEnders-style acting task – and swiftly became one of the most beloved Ru girls in the show’s herstory.

They may have lost the crown to Scottish babe Lawrence Chaney, but Bimini remains the most-followed Drag Race UK queen on Instagram, with almost a million followers.

Since filming the show, Bimini has released several singles and become a mainstay at fashion shows around the world. Yet, considering her immense popularity and success on the show, many fans are surprised that they are yet to make a big Drag Race comeback.

Bimini Bon Boulash Drag Race UK
Bimini Bon Boulash. (BBC Pictures)

In a post on X/Twitter over the weekend, the drag star shockingly revealed that they haven’t made a ruturn to the show simply because they have never been asked to.

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“No one has asked me to do an All Stars,” they posted, alongside a shrugging emoji.

Ten Drag Race UK queens have already made their All Stars comebacks since the franchise began in 2019, including Tia Kofi, Jonbers Blonde, Choriza May and Gothy Kendoll on the current season of Drag Race UK vs The World season two.

While it’s surprising to learn that Bimini hasn’t yet been approached for an All Stars series, the queen revealed that they would turn down the offer anyway – until the show made one huge (and long-overdue) change.

“I’d rather see drag kings on the show before I’m asked back,” Bimini wrote in a follow up post. Then, when asked by a fan whether she’d ever do Drag Race again, they added that they would only “once they let drag kings on the show”.

Bimini is far from the first Drag Race star to call for much-needed drag king representation on the series. Last year, with Drag Race UK season three star Victoria Scone argued that there is “absolutely no reason” not to cast them.

“I did a drag king look on Canada vs The World so obviously that’s something I’m very passionate about – getting drag kings on Drag Race,” she told Digital Spy.

“I don’t know why it’s taken so long at this point, to be honest. I would really love to see it. There’s absolutely, in my opinion, no reason why they couldn’t be.

“It would give the show a lovely little shake-up and keep it fresh.”

Drag Race star Victoria Scone in an orange outfit and red wig speaking to the crowd at Pride in London 2022.
Victoria Scone says there’s “absolutely no reason” for Drag Race to continue ignoring drag kings. (Getty/Tristan Fewings)

Speaking exclusively to PinkNews following her win in December, reigning Drag Race UK winner Ginger Johnson also called for drag kings to star.

“I would love to see kings on the show, because the level of talent out there in the king arena is phenomenal” she said when asked what elements of the show she’d change.

Though Bimini is unlikely to make an All Stars comeback in the very near future, her fans have made it very known that they would like to see it.

“They’re not ready for you to smoke the competition,” wrote one besotted fan.

“I think it’s just a matter of time. I personally would LOVE to watch you compete again,” a second said.

A third theorised: “It’s because you would win, and they are scared.”

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