Harry Potter store flies trans-inclusive Progress Pride flag 

A shopfront bearing the Harry Potter logo and a Progress Pride flag

A Harry Potter store in New York City has caught the attention of the internet after displaying the trans-inclusive Progress Pride flag.

An image of the store, on New York’s world-famous Broadway, was shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) with the caption: “the harry potter store in new york has progress flag window displays”.

The flag decoration, celebrating Pride month, reflects all facets of the community and is trans-inclusive, featuring the trans Pride colours of white, blue and pink. 

Harry Potter author JK Rowling, who has a large online following, has been at the centre of controversy in recent years because of her polarising views on trans rights. She has mocked gender-neutral language, misgendered trans people and criticised trans individuals.

Many X users have reacted positively to the store’s show of trans solidarity. However, one X user, commenting on a separate post bearing an image of the display, expressed concern that the decision to fly the flag was “entirely performative”.

“The real way to support trans people would be to stop selling shit there,” they added.

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Rowling first faced criticism in 2019 when she came out in support of “gender-critical” campaigner Maya Forstater, who was then in a legal battle with her former employer after being fired for expressing anti-trans views.

Since then, the author has continued to mock the trans community, opposed Scotland’s Gender Recognition Reform Bill and launched a trans-exclusionary crisis centre in Edinburgh.

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