K-Pop icon Ok Taec-yeon set to star in new LGBTQ+ Netflix drama Soul Mate

Hayato Isomura and Ok Taec-yeon will star as protagonists in Netflix’s 'love story’ Soul Mate.

K-Pop star Ok Taec-yeon will be one of the leads in a new Netflix love story called Soul Mate. 

The live-action drama series stars Hayato Isomura and Ok Taec-yeon, a member of South Korean boy band 2PM.

Soul Mate, written and directed by Shunki Hashizume, explores the journey of souls connecting and enduring over the years despite distance. The series touches on “joy, pain and deep bonds.”

As described by Netflix, “traversing the cities of Berlin, Seoul, and Tokyo, Soul Mate tells a 10-year-long love story between two young men. It all starts when Ryu Narutaki (Hayato Isomura), who left everything behind in Japan, is saved by a boxer named Johan Hwang (Ok Taec-yeon) in a foreign land”.

On X/Twitter, Netflix posted a still of Taec-yeon and Isomura from the series which it described as telling “a 10-year-long love story between two young men”. 

Following the tweet going live multiple quote tweets called on Netflix to ensure the love story is just that, and not just a bromance.

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Fans of Taec-yeon commented on the announcement sharing their excitement that Taec-yeon could be playing a gay character.

Executive producer Dai Ota said of the series, which began following his conversation over coffee with Hashizume: “We arrived at the ultimate destiny story, where people from different cultures and backgrounds meet in a foreign land and their lives intersect. 

“The story, filled with life’s joys and pains, combined with the exceptional performances from Isomura and Taec-yeon, will warm the hearts of viewers.” 

Taec-yeon said of working on the series: “The character of Johan Hwang intrigued me, and his inner struggles and pain stayed with me long after I read the script. To prepare, I lost weight and underwent boxing training, and I’ve continued to train diligently during filming to portray Johan as best as I can.”

‘Taec-yeon has been inspiring’

Isomura said of working closely with Taec-yeon: “Working with Ok Taec-yeon has been inspiring; his charm draws me in more each day. Filming in Japan, Korea, and Germany gives the project a truly global feel.”

Director Hashizume said: “The time spent weaving this story with our lead actors, cast, and crew has been challenging but blissful. Everyone involved in this project is a soulmate.” 

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