Exit poll suggests Labour landslide in 2024 general election

Keir Starmer arrives polling station during general election in London, Great Britain on July 4, 2024. (Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The 2024 general election exit poll suggests Labour will sweep to victory with a landslide number of seats.

The exit poll – which is conducted by IPSOS for the BBC, ITV and Sky News – is a forecast of how the results might play out and suggests Labour will win more seats than they did in the record-setting 1997 election, which saw Tony Blair’s New Labour oust the Conservatives from

The exit poll predicts

  • Labour: 410
  • Conservatives: 131
  • Liberal Democrats: 61
  • SNP: 10
  • Reform UK: 13
  • Plaid Cymru: 4
  • Greens: 2

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      The previous general election in 2019 saw the Conservatives win with a majority of 80, with a total of 365 seats compared with Labour’s 203 whilst the SNP won 48 seats in that election, the Lib Dems just 11. There were 15 seats also spread across other parties, such as the DUP and Greens.

      The exit poll is not a guarantee of how many seats a party will win but offers a good indication of how the night might go for the various parties.

      Voting in the 2024 general election ended at 10pm on Thursday (4 July) after being open since 7am that morning.

      Following the closure of polling stations, ballot boxes will be taken to counting centres where the the votes will be immediately counted for the country’s 650 constituency seats.

      There is usually a good-natured competition between counting centres to be the first one to declare. The first results may come around 11pm with most not expected until the early hours of Friday morning (5 July).

      Following the announcement of the exit poll, London Labour mayor Sadiq Khan wrote on X/Twitter: “It’s clear that our city and country have voted for hope, for unity, for change.

      “A Labour government will deliver it.”

      Of the exit poll, Labour’s Nadia Whittome – who is running to keep her Nottingham East seat – wrote: “Extraordinary result.

      “This day will go down in history. Voters have decisively rejected Tory austerity and their politics of hate and division.

      “They’ve demanded change. Now let’s deliver it.”

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