‘Aggressive’ gender reveal TikTok video prompts fresh calls of ‘are the straights ok?’

A video showing a boxing-themed gender reveal stunt has gone extremely viral after it was shared on TikTok recently.

The clip shows someone, presumably the father-to-be, beating the absolute ever-living crap out of a boxing practice pad… held by his pregnant partner. As he rains multiple blows on the pad in an attempt to get it to release a cloud of (spoiler alert) pink powder, the woman is seen to stumble several times, as well as staggering under the force of the impact.


I’ll never understand the thought process with gender reveal ideas #genderreveal #babygirl #genderrevealparty

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The clip has now been viewed over nine million times with the majority of commenters expressing shock at the relatively dangerous way the couple decided to announce what sort of genitals their unborn baby has, and worrying aloud about what could have happened if it had gone wrong.

One person wrote: “I’m not swinging at my wife, ESPECIALLY pregnant. She has and is precious cargo. Like what?!”

Another added: “We’re having a girl! And my wife is having surgery to have her shoulder socket reconstructed!”

Actual boxing enthusiasts also weighed in to confirm that, yes, this was a bad idea, with one saying: “I did boxing training when I was pregnant and there was no way my coach would let me hold the pads or do any kind of contact sparring. Not allowed!”

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It was also described as “wrong”, “dangerous”, “violent”, “aggressive” and “horrifying”.

Thankfully, it seems that this time there were no major negative repercussions from this particular gender reveal (other than an online backlash) but others have certainly gone very, very wrong in the past.

In February of this year, a couple were ordered to pay just under $1.8 million in the aftermath of their disastrous gender reveal party, which resulted in a devastating wildfire and the death of one person.

Also, in September 2023, a gender reveal party in Mexico took a nightmare turn after a stunt plane involved in the reveal crash-landed, killing the pilot.

That wasn’t even the first gender reveal plane crash, either: there was also one in Texas in 2019. Not to mention other gender reveals gone wrong, including explosionsJell-O-filled hippos, runaway balloonsblue lasagne, and ‘gendered’ fog spewing from a car doing doughnuts in a cul-de-sac ending in four arrests.

The inventor of gender reveal parties, Jenna Karvunidis, has even gone on record to say that she regrets instigating the trend. She threw the first-ever “gender reveal” party in 2008, for her eldest daughter, Bianca, who went on to rock suits and identify as gender non-conforming.

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