Heritage Foundation exec rages against ‘degenerate’ Gay Furry Hackers following hack

A group of furries at a convention.

An executive from the Heritage Foundation isn’t pleased a group of “Gay Furry Hackers” managed to breach the right-wing organisation’s databases.

Hacking collective SiegedSec claimed in a post on Telegram that it was responsible for a cyber attack against the think tank, and had secured 200GB of files, including passwords and other information on “every user” in its database.

The attack, which the group said was part of its #OpTransRights campaign, was in opposition to Project 2025 – a presidential plan which outlines Donald Trump’s first 180 days in office if he was to win a second term in the November’s presidential election. It focuses on a wide-range of subjects, from the availability of abortion pills to Bible-based definition of marriage and family.

One of the organisation’s executives, who is also an investigative columnist for the Daily Signal and a former Trump administration official, Mike Howell, was reportedly upset by the hack.

Howell, the executive director of Heritage’s Oversight Project – a border security initiative which attempts to counter the “influence” of the Communist Party of China – messaged SiegedSec member “Vio” in response to the attack.

Heritage Foundation’s Mike Howell says SiegedSec hackers will get ‘pounded in the a**’ in federal prison

After declining an offer to talk with Howell on the phone, Vio said SiegedSec simply wanted to “shine a light” on who supports the Heritage Foundation and didn’t want money or fame.

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“We’re strongly against Project 2025 and everything the Heritage Foundation stands for,” Vio wrote to Howell, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Howell responded by asking: “That’s why you hacked us? Just for that?”

He then said the organisation was in “the process of identifying and outing… members of your group”.

Donald Trump, pictured in a red hat.
Project 2025 outlines the first 180 days of a potential Trump second term. (Getty)

“Reputations and lives will be destroyed. Closeted furries will be presented to the world for the degenerate perverts they are,” the messages read.

“God created nature, and nature’s laws are vicious,” Howell continued. “It is why you have put on a perverted animal costume to satisfy your sexual deviances. Are you aware that you won’t be able to wear a furry tiger costume when you are getting pounded in the a** in the federal prison I put you in next year?”

When Vio responded by calling the response “unprofessional” and saying he would share the conversation between the two, Howell responded: “Please share widely. I hope the word spreads as fast as STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) do in your degenerate furry community.”

Vio responded with a picture of a cat and wrote “Meow :3.”

Howell continued by comparing furry culture to bestiality, which he called a “weird sin.”

After the exchange leaked online, Howell posted on X/Twitter, quoting from the song The Way I Am, by Eminem. He later claimed a “complete and total victory” after the Daily Dot reported that SiegedSec’s account had been suspended from the platform and that the group planned to disband to avoid FBI attention.

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