Gay, furry hackers attack far-right media outlet Real America’s Voice and release user data

Two people, who are part of the furry community, dress in colourful fursuits as they pose outside in London for a photograph

A group of gay, furry hackers called SiegedSec have breached far-right media outlet Real America’s Voice.

The right-wing media outlet, owned by secretive businessman Robert Sigg, regularly platforms far-right commentators like Steve Bannon and Charlie Kirk, as well as playing host to conspiracy theories – including COVID-19 misinformation, 2020 election conspiracies, and QAnon, as well as transphobic content.

It was targeted by SiegedSec for (in their words) “spreading misinformation and transphobia.” 

SiegedSec reported the hack – which is part of an ongoing campaign called OpTransRights – via their Telegram channel, saying that they released the personal information of over 1,200 app users, including their full names, phone numbers, and email addresses: a process known as “doxxing”.

The data also includes information about the show’s top hosts: Kirk, Bannon and also Ted Nugent.

The group also said they “went poof on their files,” wiping user data from the app’s API and its cloud storage, reports Them.

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“Throughout our attacks on transphobic entities, we have received concerns that our attacks will be used to label the LGBTQ+ community as ‘terrorists’ and ‘criminals,’” the group wrote in their Telegram message. “[T]he thing is, these types of people will blame the LGBTQ+ community regardless of what we do. they will look for a reason to hate, they won’t listen to reason, they want to spread lies to shun people different than them.”

Earlier in April, the group also hacked the Minnesota River Valley Church, leaked the details of over 15,000 user accounts and spent over $6000 of the church’s money on inflatable sea lions.

The group also made headlines in November 2023, when they hacked one of the biggest nuclear laboratories in the US – jokingly demanding its employees focus on research into “real-life cat-girls”.

The Idaho National Laboratory (INL), which employs about 6,100 people, was hacked by SiegedSec, who posted a sample of data and threatened to release more unless the lab caved into its demands.

SiegedSec, which also claimed to have breached NATO’s IT security twice in 2023, boasted about the hack of INL’s data in public posts that began “meow meow meow meow meow meow meow”.