Ofcom to investigate Channel 5 over adverts for lesbian show

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Channel 5 is to be investigated by TV watchdog Ofcom over adverts for a new lesbian reality show.

Fourteen people complained over daytime adverts for Candy Bar Girls, which is a reality show about the “lives and loves” of lesbians in Soho.

According to the Guardian, the on-air promos showed close-up shots of women spliced with words such as “red … hot … lesbians” and “pussy … loving … ladies”.

Then, the women were shown at the gym or stroking a toy cat while a voiceover said: “Well, what were you expecting?”

Ofcom is investigating whether the ads breached the broadcasting code in respect to rules around appropriate scheduling and offence.

When Candy Bar Girls, set around the Soho bar of the same name, was announced, Channel 5 promised “raunchy drama and unique characters”.

However, channel director Jeff Ford said: “This is not about being salacious: it’s about our mission to reflect Britain and maybe people who haven’t been reflected, perhaps ever.”