Adam Barta: Equal marriage debate with Angelina Pivarnick brought ‘outpouring of support’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Adam Barta, who defended equal marriage in a heated debate with an ex-Jersey Shore cast member, has said that he has seen a huge amount of new support for equal marriage, as a result of the controversy.

Mr Barta, and Angelina Pivarnick, formerly a cast member on the hit US television series, Jersey Shore, featured in a video debate around equal marriage which appeared online last week.

The debate, titled, Should Gay Marriage Be Legal, was shown by, featured Mr Barta, musician and actor, who argued for equal marriage, and Ms Pivarnick, who argued against. At the time, she said:

“I don’t think gays should be married. If you want to date each other fine, see how it works. In the end, they should marry their other type.”

She later apologised for her “ignorant” comments, said she was now in support of the move towards marriage equality, and that she would give her time to a fundraising event in New York, later in the year.

Adam Barta, the Billboard Top 20 selling artist has now said he is pleased with the outcome of the debate, given the number of people who have spoken out in favour of marriage equality, including TV personality JWOWW, as a result:

“I am overjoyed with the outpouring of support this issue has received from our debate on From JWOWW to the thousands and thousands of fans who have voiced their support for marriage equality for ALL people, it resonates with me that the sentiment of people who watched DO care about this issue.

“I’m extremely happy to see that Angelina has reevaluated her stance and come forward to support the gay community after hearing from all her friends about how hurtful the comments were”.

Mr Barta, a long-time advocator of equal rights, started his career in off-broadway theatre, before going into music, and television. He and Ms Pivarnick met filming a pilot for a reality show several years ago.