Video: Bryan Fischer blames the ‘pro-sodomy gestapo’ for the financial crisis

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US Christian radio host Bryan Fischer, has weighed in on media attention surrounding the apology of a Harvard professor who claimed that a famed economist was selfish because he was bisexual, to say that the “pro-sodomy gestapo” would be responsible for the “collapse of the Western economy.

Niall Ferguson, speaking at the Tenth Annual Altegris Conference in Carlsbad, said that bisexual economist John Maynard Keynes was an “effete” member of society and that he took a selfish world view, and did not care about future generations, because of his sexuality and lack of children.

Despite that Niall Ferguson had apologised for the comments he made, in an extensive post on his website calling them “insensitive”, “stupid and tactless”, Fischer took to his Focal Point radio show, to say that he agreed with the original comments by Ferguson.

Fischer criticised Tom Kostigen of Financial Advisor, who criticised Ferguson for the comments.

He says: “This writer, Tom Kostigen, who is very upset with Niall Ferguson, he is part of the pro-sodomy gestapo, the ‘gaystapo’ who went out and forced this guy to apologise.

“And he says this: ‘it even perversely pins the full weight of the financial crisis on the gay community’, this is exactly right! This is exactly what Niall Ferguson is saying, and he is right. So he is saying this Keynes guy, he did not care about future generations, he did not have to, he had no interest in future generations.”

Fischer goes on to attack Keynes, agreeing with Ferguson, and saying that he was “gay”, and therefore did not care about the future impact of his economic policies, despite the fact that Keynes was bisexual, and actually married a woman.

“He could care less about the future of his economic policy on his children because he didn’t have any, because he was gay. He was homosexual. He couldn’t procreate. So he didn’t care about the impact of his economic philosophy on the generation immediately following him, or the generation to come after them.

“His philosophy was get it now, and if it feels good, do it. He was a narcissist  he was a hedonist, and he was a homosexual. So this short-sighted philosophy, that’s why it’s all ‘spend it now’.”

He went on to compare the gay rights movement to fraudulent financial transactions, and said that it would be the downfall of the West.

“So it’s all a big, giant ponzi scheme that goes back to John Maynard Keynes, and he believed that because he was a homosexual. His viewpoint, his view of history, very short-sighted, short-circuited, so homosexuality in the end is going to be the collapse of the Western economy.”

Fischer recently weighed in on media attention surrounding NBA star Jason Collins’ coming out, to say that teammates, and teams would reject him because he would be “eyeballing” men in the shower.