Pastor with ties to Ted Cruz blames gay people for the financial crash

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A pastor with ties to Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has claimed that gay people caused the financial crash.

Extremist pastor Kevin Swanson made the claim in his ‘Generations Radio’ show.

He suggested that recent turmoil in the financial markets was the result of US debt – a problem he attributes to “homosexual” economist John Maynard Keynes.

Keynes – a renowned English economist who died in 1946 – became famous for his theories advocating state intervention in economies to moderate “boom and bust”; the theories later became the standard for governments across the world.

Swanson – who in the past has called for gay people to be put to death – suggested that the economist helped pave the way for the financial crash… because he is gay.


In a clip released by Right Wing Watch, he said: “It will be interesting to know that a homosexual ruined the world.

“Somebody will indeed write the story about this in the year 2060 or 2070, no doubt.

“This will be the great exposé of how the world economies came down all because of a homosexual who was promiscuous, who was perhaps one of the most wicked, flagrantly licentious men who has lived in the modern world and he becomes the grandfather of the modern economies, bringing them all down.

“It makes a lot of sense: Sexual nihilism, of course, will produce sexual burnout, and that must be tied to economic burnout and epistemological burnout as well when societies lose the will to live.”

Keynes was in fact widely believed to be bisexual, but this news seems to have passed the pastor by.

At the National Religious Liberties Conference in Iowa last year, attended by Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee, Swanson said that parents should drown children before they let them read Harry Potter because the character Dumbledore is gay.

He also shouted: “Yes, Leviticus calls for the death penalty for homosexuals!

“Yes, the Apostle Paul does say that homosexuals are worthy of death! His words, not mine, and [screaming] I AM NOT ASHAMED! I am not ashamed of the truth of the word of God!”

Ted Cruz has repeatedly ignored calls to condemn Swanson’s comments.

Swanson recently claimed the media has ‘upset’ God by focussing on his links to Cruz, claiming: “We experienced a media firestorm coming out of the conference.

“You don’t pull together a couple of ants and lift a fist to the Almighty and think you can get away with it…. they’re in trouble with the God of the universe.”

Check out his speech below: