Rap star Eve: Frank Ocean was ‘ridiculously brave’ to come out as bisexual

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Rap star Eve has commented on hip hop artist Frank Ocean’s 2012 decision to come out as bisexual, saying he was “ridiculously brave” to do so, and that she thought more hip hop stars should come out.

Ocean said in an open letter on his Tumblr last year that he had been in love with a man, ahead of the release of his official debut album Channel Orange in July.

Speaking to Gigwise, the Satisfaction rap star and Whip It actress, said she was surprised that the reaction to Ocean’s announcement, and said that she thought other hip hop artists should come out.

“Frank Ocean was ridiculously brave, to do what he did, to be true to himself that way. In hip-hop, there are a lot more people that probably should come out.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction of people, because it was mostly positive. I was shocked and happy about how people were [towards him] and it made me think maybe things were changing and people are more accepting of things.”

Back in April, Frank Ocean was named the most powerful LGBT figure in America’s music industry, polling tenth in  Out magazine’s 2013 Power List.

Earlier this week, US singer Lauryn HIll defended her latest track, which was slammed by critics, as some said it contains “homophobic” lyrics, and portrays drag queens, as a negative aspect of modern society.

US rapper Azealia Banks, attacked GLAAD, the LGBT media advocacy organisation, on Twitter, accusing it of “picking and choosing when to be offended”, since she was criticised earlier this year for using the word “faggot” towards Perez Hilton, and UK journalists.

A$AP Rocky late in March spoke out about homosexuality in the music industry, and said that “it’s crazy” that it is still an issue.

Speaking to Rap-Up, the Harlem rapper, who is set to tour with Rihanna, said that he was annoyed that the public had the perception that people in the hip-hop industry were “small-minded or stupid”.