David Cameron: ‘I am proud of what this government has done on equal marriage’

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Prime Minister and Conservative Party Leader David Cameron says he is proud of the work that his government has done to secure equal marriage.

I think it is fitting that the theme for Pride in London 2013 is “Love and Marriage”, three simple words that encapsulate so much that is important to our happiness. The love we share with our family, friends and partners helps sustain us through the most difficult times.

Whilst the first part of this year’s theme recognises the different types of love, including civil partnerships, the second highlights the important issue of equal marriage that is going through Parliament.

I think marriage is a wonderful institution; it helps people to commit to each other and it should be available to gay people and lesbians. I am proud of the work this government has done and is doing to allow gay and lesbian couples to have their love for each other recognised in this way.

I am also aware of the important message it sends about the sort of society we are and wish to be. There will be girls and boys in school today who are worried about being bullied and concerned about what society thinks of them because they are gay or lesbian. By making this change they will be able to see that Parliament believes their love is worth the same as anyone else’s love and that we believe in equality. I think this will enable them to stand that bit taller, be that bit more confident and I am proud of that.

The Pride in London event is an important opportunity for the LGBT+ community to come together and celebrate its achievements, charitable and community work. It is also an opportunity to campaign and highlight issues of concern. This year a record number of groups will be participating and over 1,200 people have volunteered to make the event possible. Many of them are former volunteers at the Olympics and Paralympics which just goes to show that Pride is also a great event for London.

I want to congratulate all those who have worked hard to arrange the Pride Festival and Arts Programme and wish everyone participating a happy Pride in London.

David Cameron is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party