Austria: Kissing banned on board Vienna train network

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Kissing has been banned on trains in the Austrian capital Vienna alongside talking too loudly and eating smelly food.

Any couple, same-sex or otherwise, caught kissing on the trains could be fined €50 (£40). The ban on public displays of affection comes as Wiener Linien, the company that runs the trains, says it has been inundated with complaints about people kissing.

The company decided to take the drastic measures after conducting a survey into passenger opinions.

Those found kissing, eating smelly food or talking loudly on mobile phones, will be removed from the trains by specially appointed sheriffs and issued with the fines.

Wiener Linien spokesman Daniel Amann said: “Our controllers are well trained to recognise what disturbs other passengers.”

The company went further to say that it had been experiencing an increase in strange activities on board its network. In one instance a couple were found having sex on board, and in another a passenger had brought their pet horse on board.

Mr Amann added: “This of course goes way beyond the 50 Euro fine. These matters are for the police.”