Russian anti-gay groups call on authorities to ban Elton John concert

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Several Russian homophobic groups have called on the authorities to ban an upcoming Elton John concert, saying that allowing the pop icon to perform would make a “mockery” of the country’s anti-gay laws.

Yuri Ageshchev, the leader of religious fundamentalist group, the Union of Orthodox Brotherhoods, told Novy Region news agency: “The statement by this gay guy – Elton John – about his support for gays and other perverts during the upcoming concert in Moscow is an insult to all Russian citizens.

“It also makes a mockery of our recently enacted law against the public propaganda of gay ideas,” he said.

Mr Ageshchev also called on Russian citizens and the Church to oppose the upcoming concert in Moscow on 6 December, calling the event an “amoral sabbath.”

A separate group of conservative activists, the Ural Parents Committee, has also written to President Vladimir Putin directly to ask him to ban Sir Elton’s upcoming show.

In an open letter to Putin, the local parents’ group said: “The singer intends to come out in support of local sodomites and break the current Russian law, directed at protecting children.”

Last week, Sir Elton told the Guardian that he wouldn’t cancel his performance in the Russian capital, saying “I’ve got to go.”

He added: “As a gay man, I can’t leave those people on their own without going over there and supporting them.”